WPIX, Inc. v. Ivi, Inc. , was a copyrightinfringement caseheard before the USCourt of Appeals for the second circuit. Theappeals courtupheld thedistrict courtto grant aninjunctionto theplaintiffs, with theexceptionof the transmission of television programs throughthe Interneton the Internet. This decision establishes a precedent that broadcasts television material may be protected by copyright and can not be transmitted over the Internet without authorization.

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SummerBreak is an American reality television series created on June 16, 2013 and available for watching onYouTube. The series reproduces the lives of several teenagers while they get their baccalaureate and start their summer holidays. [1] The show is located inSouthern Californiaand is sponsored byAT & T. Continue reading

Ivy League Digital Network

Ivy League Digital Network is an Internet television site operated by Ivy League. The Internet was first available to subscribers in the fall of 2013 and currently covers the eight Ivy League teams. The site uses the technology provided by NeuLion to present live and on-demand content from a variety of sports in the eight schools and conference championship events.

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