Dan Benjamin

Dan Paul Benjamin (born October 26, 1972) is a software developer , user interface designer, writer, and podcaster .

In 2010, Benjamin started 5by5 Studios , a podcast production outlet that currently produces nineteen shows, including several co-hosted shows such as Back to Work with Merlin Mann and The Ihnatko Almanac with Andy Ihnatko . Based on his popular podcasts, Benjamin has been called “the king of Apple talk radio” by Philip Elmer-DeWitt of Fortune Magazine and CNN . [1] Continue reading

Myke Hurley

Myke Hurley is a British professional podcaster residing in London . He is the co-founder of the podcast network Relay FM .


In 2011 Hurley formed the podcasting network 70Decibels, which was purchased by the 5by5 network in March 2013. [1]

In 2014 he founded the podcast network Relay FM with Stephen M. Hackett . [2] A one-time, one-time, one-time, [3]

In 2016, Apple featured Hurley in his podcast series at the Apple Store , [4] and Business Insider listed him in the UK Tech 100. [5] [6]

In September 2016, Hurley started a vlogging channel on YouTube . [7] Continue reading

Bill Wadman

William George “Bill” Wadman (born January 4, 1975) is an American portrait photographer . He has been a contributor to TIME , BusinessWeek , Improper Bostonian , POZ , and others. His images have been featured worldwide in The World , Der Spiegel , Times of London , USA Today , The New York Times , and Corriere della Sera . His work tends towards traditional portraiture in both environmental and studio settings. He shoots in all formats and in both film and digital. Continue reading

5by5 Studios

5by5 is an American Internet Broadcasting Network created by Dan Benjamin [1] [2] [3] that creates, distributes, and broadcasts web video interviews and podcasts. [4] 5by5 launched in January 2010 [5] and has been called ” NPR for geeks”, [6] as the broadcasts discuss technology and internet culture and are targeted towards developers, designers and technology enthusiasts. Continue reading