Bill Cosby 77

Bill Cosby 77 is an unreleased 2014 stand-up comedy film featuring Bill Cosby , filmed before a live audience at the San Francisco Jazz Center in California . Cosby thing came in the honor de son friend Enrico Banducci and his establishment the hungry i . The comedian said his wife Camille Cosby helped with the editing process of the film. At approximately 60 minutes in duration, the film features Cosby pontificating on matters of children, romance, and matrimony. The movie was named in honor of the fact that it was taped on Cosby’s 77th birthday on July 12, 2014.

Cosby thing Netflix to release the performance because it would be able to be seen by viewers without interruptions for advertisements. On August 14, 2014, Netflix annoncé That Bill Cosby 77 Would Be icts made available to Subscribers on November 28, 2014. Netflix Intended for the program to be made available to viewers So They Could watch the movie the day after Thanksgiving in the United States .

On November 18, 2014, Netflix announced that it would delay the film’s release. The announcement by Netflix came a matter of hours after celebrity Janice Dickinsoncame forward to publicly add her name to women who alleged that Cosby had sexually assaulted and raped them.


Bill Cosby turned 77 years old on July 12, 2014. [1] [2] même day, Bill Cosby 77 Was filmed live in California During His performance at the San Francisco Jazz Center . [3]

In an August 2014 interview with the Patriot Ledger , Cosby explained why he selected the San Francisco Jazz Center as the venue for the performance: “We taped at the SFJazz Center, because San Francisco was the city that put me on the map. [4] Cosby stated that he had driven to San Francisco from Philadelphia in 1962 and encountered Enrico Banducci at an establishment called the hungry i . [4] Cosby commented: “The new special is a tribute to the hungry i, which was an amazing 200-seat venue that you were lucky to play, to Banducci, and to San Francisco. Of the great weather and because the people are loose but always well-mannered. ” [4]

Cosby is the author of “The Wife of the Witch,” a film about her husband and wife. . ” [4] The movie was directed by Robert Townsend . [5]


Bill Cosby in 2011

The running time of the film is approximately 60 minutes in duration. [3] [6]

The contents of the program dealt with Cosby discussing a subject matter including children, the bonds of matrimony, and romantic associations between individuals. [3] [6]


Netflix Marketed the movie with the summary: “Bill Cosby prompts you to share His birthday and 77 years of laughs, wisdom and hilarious insights about His childhood, first loves and parenthood.” [7] The film was named as a way to honor Bill Cosby in order to recognize his age and the fact that it was taped on his birthday. [8]


Date set

United Press International reported that Cosby’s Netflix thing to release the film, because it was enclosed by the prospect of his viewers being able to watch the film without interruption for advertisements, and hoped this would provide an enhanced rhythm to the show. [8] On August 14, 2014, Netflix announced that Bill Cosby 77 would be made available to its subscribers on November 28, 2014. [3] [8] Netflix intended for the program to be made available to viewers Film the day after Thanksgiving in the United States . [9]After its announcement, Cosby posted to Twitter : “I thank @Netflix for this opportunity to show my talent all around the internet.”

Indefinitely postponed

Netflix made public its decision on November 18, 2014 to delay release of the film. [10] [11] [12] The announcement by Netflix came a matter of hours after celebrity Janice Dickinson came forward to publicly add her name to women who alleged that Cosby had sexually assaulted and raped them. [13] [14] [15] Dickinson said the incident occurred in 1982 in Lake Tahoe . [16] The Washington Post reported that the assertions by multiple women stating Cosby sexually assaulted them both to contribute to decisions by both Netflix and NBC to cease production or delay projects with Cosby. [17] Dickinson asserted both Cosby and his lawyers had pressured her to remove the incident from her 2002 book No Lifeguard on Duty ; [13] his attorney Martin Singer disputed this account. [14] [15]

CNN reported that as of November 20, 2014, Bill Cosby 77 was listed with status of “coming soon”. [9] Netflix released a statement to the Press qui said: “At this time we are Postponing the launch of the new stand up comedy special ‘Bill Cosby 77.” [9] [11] CNN Attempted to get an additional explanation from Netflix but reported on November 20, 2014 that a representative for Netflix refused to provide additional information as to why the film was postponed from release. [9] Media reported that Cosby was in agreement with the decision by Netflix to delay release of the film. [10] [11] [18] The decision by Netflix to postpone Bill Cosby had a financial impact on the company. [19] Shares of Netflix stock on the NASDAQ exchange fell by 5.25% the day after the company their Cosby film release date. [19]

Netflix states not appropriate to release film

In January 2015, Netflix Chief Officer Officer Ted Sarandos explained the company’s rationale behind not specializing in November 2014: “It just felt like the wrong time to have a comedy special from Bill Cosby. Comedy from Bill to that time, in the middle of the holidays. ” [20] Sarandos described the events as “tragic”. [21] In July 2015, Sarandos stated Netflix would not release the film. [22] When asked by the Television Critics Association, Sarandos responded: “I do not think it’s appropriate to release that.” [22] [23]

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