Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive

Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive is a 2013 American stand-up comedy film written by and starring Aziz Ansari . It was shot at the Merriam Theater in Philadelphia in April 2013, as part of his 75-city “Buried Alive” world tour. [1]


Topics in the set include Ansari’s views on the institution of marriage, parenting and love. The set has the theme of a wedding, with Ansari wearing a formal suit with a white buttonhole . Ansari said Buried Alive was invaluable in her first two specials, Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening (2010) and Dangerously Delicious (2012).

“This special is much, much different than my previous two,” said Ansari. “As I hit 30, my material got very personal as I grappled with the gravity of the adult world-love, marriage, babies, and more. HAVING Their Own and children? I couldn’t imagine Having a kid right now. After I like this sentence, I’m gonna drink an apple juice and watch Jurassic Park -if that’s a guy that’s Supposed to be ready to be a father, I’m very concerned. That’s what Buried Alive is about. ” [2]


The movie was taped during Ansari’s 2013 Buried Alive comedy tour across 75 cities around the world, including New York’s Carnegie Hall , London’s Hammersmith Apollo and the Sydney Opera House . [2]


Buried Alive was Ansari’s first special release to Netflix , where it debuted on November 1, 2013. It was released in all Netflix markets simultaneously, including Canada and the United Kingdom. [2] At the time of its release, Buried Alive was the streaming service’s biggest exclusive comedy special. [3]


Buried Alive was well received by critics. Erik Adams of the AV Club gives it an a- and called it “a spectacularly entertaining hour-plus of stand-up, but it’s also an intriguing bit of cultural anthropology. And to the members of his audience-and what turns up is just as often funny as it is heartfelt and penetrating. ” [4] Rolling Stone, which has been shown to be a mature side of Ansari, is still appealing to his younger fan base. “But old Aziz fans shouldn ‘

Patrick Smith of the Daily Telegraph , who has been writing the book for the first time since the beginning of his career. Carried off … Buried Alive bristled with topicality and wit. ” [6]

Buried Alive was nominated for Comedy Special of the Year at the 2014 American Comedy Awards . Louis CK ‘s Oh My God won the award. [7]


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