Hush (2016 film)

Hush is a 2016 American horror thriller film directed and edited by Mike Flanagan , starring Kate Siegel , and written by both. [3] The film co-stars John Gallagher Jr. ,Michael Trucco , Samantha Sloyan , and Emilia “Emma” Graves. The film was produced by Trevor Macy, through Intrepid Pictures, and Jason Blum through hisBlumhouse Productions banner.

The film had its world premiere at South by Southwest on March 12, 2016, [4] and was released on April 8, 2016, by Netflix . [5]


Madison “Maddie” Young ( Kate Siegel ), is a deaf author who temporarily lost her hearing and voice after a bout of bacterial meningitis at age 13, and lost both permanently after a botched surgery. She lives in an isolated house in the woods. Her friend and neighbor Sarah ( Samantha Sloyan ) visits her day to return a copy of her book, and that night, is chased back to Maddie’s house by a masked man ( John Gallagher Jr. ). Sarah bangs on the door for help, but Maddie can not hear her, and the man stabs her to death.

The man quickly realizes that Maddie is deaf and decides to make her another victim. He sneaks into the house, takes her phone, and begins taking pictures of her and sending him to her laptop to make her aware of his presence. As Maddie realizes she’s being stalked, she locks herself inside the house. The man cuts the power and sabotages her car. Maddie writes that she “will not tell, did not see [his] face, boyfriend coming home” on the glass-paneled front door in lipstick. The man responds by taking his mask and saying that he has seen his face now. He then taunts her by propping Sarah’s body up against her bedroom window. Maddie tries to distract him with her car alarm so she can get Sarah’s phone from her body. She is a man who wants to get him in the arm.

She then makes several attempts to escape, eventually climbing onto the roof. The man fires a crossbow bolt into her leg, but she manages to knock him off the roof and steal his crossbow. Sarah’s boyfriend John ( Michael Trucco ) arrives, looking for Sarah. The man meets John, pretending that he is a police officer, but John realizes the trick and attempts to attack the man from behind with a rock. Before he can, Maddie bangs on her door to get his attention, distracting him and enabling the man to stab him in the neck.

As he bleeds out, John uses His remaining strength to put the man in a chokehold to give Maddie time to escape, she realizes she goal can not run one leg and her Injured That She’s aussi in risk of bleeding out . Maddie begins to think of her husband as her husband. John Dies and the Man Begins to Threaten Maddie ‘s Cat,………. She shoots him with the crossbow but only hits his shoulder. While running back inside, her hand gets caught in the front door and the man stomps on it and crushes it. He threatens to enter, and she taunts him by writing “do it, coward” on the door with her blood.

The man in her skylight and prepares to stab her but she feels her breath on her legs and stabs him in the leg just in time. She stumbles to the kitchen, where she uses insecticide spray and her specialized smoke alarm to blind and deafen him, but he regains the upper hand by strangling her. On the verge of losing consciousness, she manages to grab a nearby corkscrew and stab the man in the throat, finally killing him.

Maddie calls 911 , and stumbles outside. She pets her cat as the police arrive at the house, and smiles.


  • Kate Siegel as Maddie
  • John Gallagher Jr. as Man
  • Michael Trucco as John
  • Samantha Sloyan as Sarah
  • Emilia Graves as Max


Nothing was known about the project until September 2015, when it was revealed at a buyers’ screening which occurred at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival . [6] It was revealed Mike Flanagan had directed and written the film, opposite Kate Siegel who also stars in the film. [7]

On making the character hand deaf mute , Flanagan HAD Said it originated from _him_ wanting to do a movie “without dialogue.” [8] The possibility of making the film entirely silent was briefly considered, but was abandoned when it was realized that building tension with this limitation would be “impossible” [8] Flanagan also noted that the target audience would not have been used Silent films and, as such, would “seek out every kind of audio stimulus anywhere else in the environment” or simply choose to not watch the film at all. [8]

The script itself consisted largely of scene directions, which Flanagan and Siegel developed by acting out their own house. [9] The Flanagan and Siegel’s own house proved problematic for filming, as when they went to shoot the movie in Alabama, they could not find a house similar to theirs and had alter The film’s script. [10] Flanagan also found challenges in the single location and had to plan the cinematography to keep the film interesting to the audience, especially given the mute nature of the protagonist; To this end, Flanagan used to Steadicam to follow Siegel’s every move, along with a boom mic and a spotter, to make the movement more “dynamic”. [10] The audio-visual for these scenes could not be used and had to be redone in post, with Flanagan noting that the audio initially “sounded like a herd of elephants.” [10]

To represent Maddie’s world, various ambient sounds were used, such as the sound of ultrasound machines . Flanagan did not want to use pure silence for these scenes, as he still felt it would make viewers hyper aware of their surrounding and take them out of the experience. [10] As a result of the aforementioned camera set in, Siegel had to ADR her own breath into the final film. [10] The film’s soundtrack was composed by The Newton Brothers. [11]


The film had its world premiere at South by Southwest on March 12, 2016. [4] [12] Prior to the first, Netflix acquired worldwide distribution rights to the film, with a planned April 8, 2016, release. [13]


Hush holds a 94% approval rating on review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes based reviews is 16 and HAS an average rating of 7.8 / 10. [14] On Metacritic , the film has a score of 67 out of 100 based on 7 critics indicating “favorable reviews.” [15] Audiences Everywhere called the movie “a modern slasher movie classic that’s not to be missed.” [16] Benjamin Lee of The Guardian said that Hush “offers ingenious suspense” and awarded it four out of five stars. [17] Geoff Burkshire of Variety , however criticizing the film’s third act, called it ”

Stephen King tweeted about the movie on April 20, 2016, Saying, “How good is Hush ? Up there with Halloween and, Even More, Wait Until Dark . White knuckle time. It Netflix.” [21] Filmmaker William Friedkin , director of The Exorcist , also tweeted about the movie, saying ” Hush is a great horror movie … on Netflix. [22]

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