The Idolmaster KR

The Idolmaster KR , styled The IDOLM@STER.KR , is a South Korean drama television series based is Namco Bandai Entertainment ‘s The Idolmaster video game series. It aired onAmazon Prime Video on April 28, 2017 [1] [2] as an Amazon original series. It’s scheduled to air 24 episodes. [3]

The series Was later picked up by the SBS -owned pay TV channels SBS More , SBS warp , and SBS MTV , and is scheduled to premiere channels thesis is on April 28, 2017. [4]


Real Girls Project

  • Kim Sori (김소리) as Sori
  • Heo Youngjoo (허영주) as Youngjoo
  • Teramoto Yukika (寺 本可 可 / 모토 유키 카 카) as Yukika
  • Kwon Haseo (하서 하서) as Haseo
  • Lee Jiwon (원 원) as Jeewon
  • Jung Taeri (리 리) as Taeri
  • Mint (민트) as Mint
  • Lee Ye-eun (이예은) as Yeeun
  • Cha Jiseul (슬 슬) [5] as Jiseul
  • Lee Suji (이수지) as Suji / Sua
  • Chun Jane (인 인) as Jane

Red Queen

  • Jo So-jin ( 9Muses ) [6] as Hyeju
  • Kim Sun-young ( Tahiti’s Ari) [6] as Mina
  • Han Hye-ri ( IBI , Produce 101 ) [6] as Yeri
  • Lee Ka-eun ( After School ) [6] as Chae Na-kyung

Other major characters

  • Sung Hoon [7] as Kang Shin-hyuk, the Producer of Red Queen.
  • Park Chul-min [6] as Shim Min-chul, CEO of 825 Entertainment.
  • Kang Yeseul as Yeseul, the girls’ manager at 825 Entertainment.
  • Hej Joungjoo as Joungjoo, Youngjoo’s younger sister. singer-songwriter.
  • Lee Coco as Coco, internet broadcast ™
  • Jin Nayoung as Nayoung, Sori’s friend
  • Bae Seul-ki as Dan-oh, composer and vocal trainer


  • Kim Jung-ah


On October 13, The Idolmaster KR official website posted a notice of a replacement member; [5] An original member of the Real Girl Project, Hanabyul, [1] has been replaced by sub-member Ji Seul for the series, as Hanabyul was noted to have suffered from a leg injury. One month later, it was revealed that After School ‘s Lee Kaeun, 9MUSES ‘ Sojin, Tahiti ‘s Ari and IBI ‘ s Han Hyeri would join the cast as members of ‘Red Queen’ Project’s debut, in the live-action series. [6]


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