Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street

Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street is an American live action family television series created by David Anaxagoras. The series is presented on Amazon Video. The series follows Gortimer Gibbon and his two best friends, Mel and Ranger, as they navigate Normal Street, a seemingly ordinary suburb with hints of something magical just below the surface.

On February 25, 2015, Amazon renewed Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street for a second season. [1] Filming began on May 4, 2015. [2]


  • Sloane Morgan Siegel as Gortimer Gibbon
  • Ashley Boettcher as Mel Fuller
  • Drew Justice as Ranger Bowen
  • David Bloom as Stanley Zielinski
  • Chandler Kinney as Catherine Dillman
  • Coco Grayson as Abigail Arroyo
  • Ryder Cohen as Gardner Gibbon
  • Robyn Lively as Claire Gibbon
  • Kim Rhodes as Vicki Bowen
  • Paula Marshall as Lora Fuller
  • Benjamin Koldyke as Greg Gibbon
  • Luke Matheny as Fred Fisher


Season 1

No. title Directed by Written by Release date
1 “Gortimer vs. the Frog of Ultimate Doom” Luke Matheny David Anaxagoras February 6, 2014
On the hottest day of summer, Gortimer and his two best friends, Mel and Ranger, discover a way to end the heat by solving a mystery involving an intimidating neighbor and even more intimidating frog.
2 “Gortimer vs. the Mobile of Misfortune” Luke Matheny Garrett Frawley & Brian Turner November 21, 2014
While trying to help the unluckiest kid on Normal Street, Gortimer accidentally jinxes himself with bad luck. Now, Gortimer, Mel and Ranger must be on the right side of the road.
3 “Mel vs. the Mel-o-dramatic Robot” Luke Matheny Laurie Parres November 21, 2014
When it comes to rivaling the frontrunner for this year’s science fair, she scrambles to build a project that will blow everyone away.
4 “Gortimer and the Mystical Mind Eraser” Joe Nussbaum Luke Matheny November 21, 2014
When Gortimer learns a piece of information he would rather forget, he seeks help from an incredibly chipper but incredibly memory-impaired resident of Normal Street.
5 “Gortimer Gets Shushed” Steven Tsuchida Gretchen Enders November 21, 2014
The gang races to restore Gortimer’s voice, stolen by a mysterious figure driving a ghostly bookmobile that appears on Normal Street for only one day each year.
6 “Ranger and the Legend of Pendragon’s Gavel” Alethea Jones Gretchen Enders November 21, 2014
Shortly after the students elect The President and the Student Council President.
7 “Gortimer and the Leaky Dreamcatcher” Steven Tsuchida Ann Lewis Hamilton April 2, 2015
Gortimer keeps having the same strange dream about a frightening underwater encounter – and his mounting fears are getting in the way of his junior lifeguard training.
8 “The Mystery of the Blood Moon Eclipse” Sasie Sealy Garrett Frawley & Brian Turner April 2, 2015
To celebrate a rare astronomical event, Mel invites all her friends to a spooky sleepover, complete with ghost stories galore. But when it seems like an actual spirit has crashed the party, they all must hurry to solve the mystery before they become ghost stories themselves.
9 “Ranger and the Mysterious Metamorphosis” Eduardo Enrique Mayén David Anaxagoras April 2, 2015
After Ranger accidentally causes havoc at his family’s bakery, he flees the scene to avoid getting into trouble, but his growing sense of guilt has an unusual effect.
10 “Mel vs. the Fickle Fortune Teller of Fate” Luke Matheny Gretchen Enders April 2, 2015
When Mel starts consulting a children’s fortune teller game for advice on the future, she finds herself attempting to outsmart fate.
11 “Gortimer and the Surprise Signature” J.J. Johnson Garrett Frawley & Brian Turner April 2, 2015
Gortimer’s curiosity is piqued when he discovers a mysterious signature. Is it the autograph of a new student at Normal Middle school… or has it been here all along?
12 “Gortimer and the Lost Treasure of Normal Street” Suzi Yoonessi Laurie Parres April 2, 2015
On his 13th birthday, Ranger and Mel lead Gortimer follow a trail of clues through town to find the fabled lost treasure of Normal Street.
13 “Gortimer vs. the Relentless Rainbow of Joy” Luke Matheny David Anaxagoras & Luke Matheny April 2, 2015
With his Dad in town for a short visit, Gortimer goes out of his way to ensure his happiness doesn’t fade by creating a rainbow over Normal Street. But once all of the residents start acting unusually happy, Mel and Ranger wonder if he’s gone a step too far.

Season 2

No. Title Directed by Written by Release date
1 “Gortimer and the Blazer of Glory” Luke Matheny Brian Turner & Garrett Frawley October 30, 2015
Gortimer gets a blazer that makes everyone see him as an adult. It changes the way he sees himself too and threatens his friends’ plans for an epic water balloon battle.
2 “Ranger and the Supercharged Championship” Sasie Sealy Levi Abrino October 30, 2015
Ranger gets swept up in the celebrity of being the good luck charm of the basketball team, whose lucky head-rubs cause unnatural levels of static electricity.
3 “Gortimer vs. the Terrible Touch-Up” J.J. Johnson Aminta Goyel October 30, 2015
Mel and Abigail use a new photo software for the yearbook which accidentally erases Gortimer’s smile. As they struggle to restore Gortimer, their budding friendship is tested.
4 “Ranger and the Very Real Imaginary Friend” Ryan Shiraki Brian Turner & Garrett Frawley October 30, 2015
Ranger’s childhood imaginary friend comes back to visit, much to the chagrin of Gortimer.
5 “Gortimer and the Vengeful Violinist” Sasie Sealy Levi Abrino & Gretchen Enders October 30, 2015
Gortimer is haunted by the sound of a mysterious violin, which interferes with his studies and his sleep. Gortimer realizes he can’t hide the truth about his slipping grades from his dad.
6 “Mel vs. the Hidden Herstory of Normal Street” Sasie Sealy David Anaxagoras & Laurie Parres October 30, 2015
Amid the backdrop of Normal Days — a celebration of the founding of Normal Street — Mel discovers a shocking secret about the town’s founder Captain Normal.
7 “Gortimer and the Friendship Bro-celet” Alethea Jones Eric D. Wasserman October 30, 2015
Gortimer and his mom’s new boyfriend Adam warm up their chilly relationship with a magical friendship “Bro-celet”.
8 “Mel and the Mel-Functioning Brain” Luke Matheny Gretchen Enders October 30, 2015
While studying for an important test, Mel’s brain fills to capacity.
9 “Stanley and the Tattoo of Tall Tales” Alethea Jones Brian Turner & Garrett Frawley October 30, 2015
Stanley gets a magical tattoo, and suddenly everyone takes him seriously — too seriously.
10 “Gortimer vs. Gortimer vs. Gortimer” Sasie Sealy Luke Matheny October 30, 2015
Gortimer has to babysit on the same night that he has a “date” with Abigail. He finds a solution when he clones himself, but the solution quickly becomes a problem.
11 “Ranger and the Fabled Flower of Normal Street” Paul Hoen Laurie Parres October 30, 2015
Ranger brings Mel and a heartbroken Gortimer on a quest to find a fabled flower of Normal Street for his grandpa, who has an unexpected health scare.
12 “Mel vs. the Future” Luke Matheny Story by : David Anaxagoras & Eric D. Wasserman
Teleplay by : Eric D. Wasserman
October 30, 2015
In the wake of a shocking event, Mel tries to build a time machine to go back in time and fix it. But a visitor from the future arrives to dissuade Mel from her mission.
13 “Gortimer, Ranger and Mel vs. the Endless Night” Luke Matheny Gretchen Enders October 30, 2015
The trio goes camping and shares a perfect moment that distracts them from all their recent troubles. Will a wish on a star make the moment continue?
14 “Gortimer and the Jacks of All Trades” Alethea Jones Garrett Frawley & Brian Turner July 15, 2016
As a new year arrives on Normal Street, Gortimer resolves to find a new interest so he can keep up with his multi-talented friends. But when he stumbles upon a magical deck of cards that can make him an expert in any skill he desires, he begins to question his true self.
15 “Ranger vs. the Laser Frog of Fate” Alethea Jones David Anaxagoras July 15, 2016
At a pivotal moment for the Bowen family, Ranger learns his dad is plagued by an arch nemesis from his youth. Tired of seeing his dad live in Rob’s shadow, Ranger takes matters into his own hands.
16 “Gortimer, Mel, Ranger, Catherine and the Student Identity Crisis” Jonathan Judge May Chan July 15, 2016
When the student ID card machine malfunctions, Gortimer, Mel, Ranger, and Catherine swap identities. As they walk a mile in each other’s shoes, will they gain a new perspective on the friends they thought they knew so well?
17 “Mel vs. the Night Mare of Normal Street” Eduardo Enrique Mayén Laurie Parres July 15, 2016
When Mel starts seeing a mysterious horse everywhere she goes, Ranger warns it’s the legendary, much feared Night Mare of Normal Street. In order to rid herself of the nightmares, Mel must overcome her greatest fear.
18 “The Mystery of the Marlow Mansion” Eduardo Enrique Mayén Levi Abrino & Aminta Goyel July 15, 2016
The gang takes part in a 1920s-themed mystery party and wind up stuck in their characters’ personas. When a valuable antique goes missing, it’s up to Gortimer to solve the mystery and bring his friends back to normal.
19 “Ranger and the Weight of the World” Ryan Shiraki Garrett Frawley & Brian Turner July 15, 2016
When family issues weigh on Ranger, his pals encourage him to talk it out at the peer counseling center. But once there, Ranger instead opts to be a peer counselor himself. And as more and more students confide in him, Ranger finds the weight of the world upon his shoulders.
20 “Gortimer vs. the World’s Best Mom” Ryan Shiraki Aminta Goyel July 15, 2016
When work and family duties begin to overwhelm Claire, Gortimer reassures her with a special surprise gift: a “World’s Best Mom” mug. But after just a few sips from it, Claire is transformed into a “super mom”, but at what cost?
21 “Mel vs. the Missing Day” J.J. Johnson Gretchen Enders July 15, 2016
After Mel falls sick from stretching herself too thin, she returns to school only to find that her friends and teachers don’t seem to remember her.
22 “Gortimer and White Hat” Sasie Sealy Levi Abrino July 15, 2016
After receiving some bombshell news, Gortimer escapes to the comfort of his favorite TV show, the campy ’60s superhero series, “Adventures of White Hat.” But once an inter-dimensional transporter gets involved, Gortimer takes his escapism to a new level.
23 “Gortimer and the Lost Legends of Normal Street” Joe Nussbaum Garrett Frawley & Brian Turner July 15, 2016
As the gang prepares a surprise birthday party for Gortimer, they take turns making video recordings of the weird, wild and wonderful stories of their adventures with Gortimer.
24 “Gortimer vs. the Abnormal Formal” Sasie Sealy Gretchen Enders July 15, 2016
As the Normal Formal approaches, Gortimer decides it’s finally time to ask Abigail to the dance. But when Stanley happens upon a mysterious love potion and starts playing Cupid Gortimer’s plans unravel.
25 “Gortimer vs. the Fault in Our Street” Luke Matheny Eric D. Wasserman July 15, 2016
After Gortimer receives some devastating news that could separate him from the people he loves the most, Normal Street is beset by a puzzling series of earthquakes. The kids rush to find the source of the tremors before Normal Street literally gets torn apart.
26 “Gortimer vs. The End” Luke Matheny David Anaxagoras & Luke Matheny July 15, 2016
The trio decides to gather all the special items from their old adventures and place them safely in a time capsule. But as they accumulate mementos of their past, doubts set in about their future.


Reception for Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street has been fairly positive. Brian Lowry of Variety gave it a positive review, saying “there are relatively few live-action shows intended to appeal to the prepubescent set that won’t send parents fleeing from the room…in terms of kids’ TV, this sort of genuinely clever alternative is anything but normal.”[3] Time gave it a highly positive review, saying there’s a surfeit of sharp TV for younger kids both on commercial and public TV. It’s when kids get a little older that the quality choices dry up, the Disney Channel sitcoms multiply, and you find yourself searching for reruns of Malcolm in the Middle. But Amazon’s newest debut finally aims at that niche of original, non-obnoxious TV for tweens that used to be filled by series like Nickelodeon’s The Adventures of Pete & PeteNormal Street‘s like a pleasant throwback, both in its attitude and its style.”[4] The LA Times called it “a charmer”[5] and the NY Post called it “smart, a little zany and never pandering”.[6]

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