Spoilers (TV series)

Spoilers is a film review series that premiered June 4, 2012. The show, described as an “anti-movie review” show, is hosted by Kevin Smith and produced by Smith’s SModcast Pictures. The first season aired first on Hulu.

A second season of Spoilers aired on The Comedy Network in Canada. Ten new half-hour episodes were shot in Los Angeles.[1] Hulu later showed the second season.

The first series was filmed at “SModCo Studios”, the upper floor of The Jon Lovitz Podcast Theatre at City Walk in Universal Studios Hollywood. The second series was filmed at Raleigh Studios.


The Spoilers’ Anti-Review

Each week, Smith takes a group of approximately forty people of varying ages (aka “The Spoilers”) to see the release of a new movie. The Spoilers return to the “Jay & Silent Bob-atorium” in the studio to comment on the film, good or bad. This is the “anti-review” part of the show, as no true consensus is reached on the film in question; it is simply the opinions of the group of attendees, with a few comments and a brief summary thrown in by Smith. At the end of the show, Smith suggests not actually listening to the opinions put forward and going to see the movie yourself and form your own opinions, further pressing the “anti-review” angle of the segment.

“Criterion Lounge”

Smith relates his opinions on a selected Criterion Collection film available on DVD and as part of the Hulu Plus service. This segment was not featured in season 2.

Celebrity Interview

Smith has an informal interview with the week’s scheduled guest; the guest sits in a specially constructed throne adorned with griffins whose faces resemble Jason Mewes and Smith as Jay and Silent Bob. Smith stands to the side of the throne and conducts the interview.

“Spoilers Cartoon Laboratory”

Similar to the “SModCo Cartoon Show” on the SModcast website and Smith’s “S.I.T.” (SModCo Internet Television) YouTube channel, an animated short is aired using the soundtrack of an episode of Hollywood Babble-On as its voice track. The segment is co-hosted by “Professor Cartoonius”, played by Smith’s Hollywood Babble-On co-host Ralph Garman (in wig, glasses and fake mustache, doing his impression of Ed Wynn). This segment was not featured in season 2.

“Mewes Tube”

Jason Mewes shows reviews of movies that have been sent to him on YouTube. This segment started in season 2.


Season 1

No. Title Original
air date
Movie “Criterion Lounge” offering Guest “Hollywood Babble-On”cartoon
1 Girls Just Wanna Have Guns June 4, 2012 Snow White &
the Huntsman
Stranger than Paradise Carrie Fisher Cosby Dracula
2 Ridley Me This, Fatman June 11, 2012 Prometheus The Blob Damon Lindelof Eeyore
3 Cruising to the Oldies June 18, 2012 Rock of Ages Man Bites Dog Robert Rodriguez Rick Springfield
4 Gore Score and Severed Ears Ago… June 25, 2012 Abraham Lincoln:
Vampire Hunter
My Dinner with Andre Jason Lee Dick Van Dyke
5 I Don’t Want to Miss a Thong… July 2, 2012 Magic Mike Night on Earth Jon Favreau Impressions
6 Peter Parker Picked a Peck of Powers July 9, 2012 The Amazing Spider-Man The Vanishing Stan Lee Canadian
7 Aurora’s Dark Night* July 23, 2012 The Dark Knight Rises None
8 Stiller? I Never Even Met Her July 30, 2012 The Watch Down by Law Len Wiseman Mitch Death
9 You Don’t Know Dick… K, Philip? August 6, 2012 Total Recall Wings of Desire Malin Akerman Clerktopus
10 Bourne Again, Forever and Renner…Damon! August 13, 2012 The Bourne Legacy Leningrad Cowboys Go America Gerard Way Charlie’s Angels
  • * NOTE: Due to the events of the 2012 Aurora shooting, discussion of the events of that tragedy took precedence over discussion of the movie, and none of the other normal segments were used in this episode.

Season 2

No. Title Original
air date
Movie Guest
1 Battle Royale with Cheese December 6, 2013 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Jane Lynch
2 McConaughey, You! Get Offa My Cloud! December 13, 2013 Dallas Buyers Club Mark Duplass
3 Yippee-Coens-Yay, Mother Folker December 20, 2013 Inside Llewyn Davis Grant Morrison
4 Whatchoo Tolkien About, Willis? January 10, 2014 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Harley Morenstein
5 I Gotta Have More Cowbell January 17, 2014 Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Mindy Kaling
6 Me and Mister, Mister Jonze January 24, 2014 Her Gregory Nicotero
7 He Shoots, He Score-Seses! January 31, 2014 The Wolf of Wall Street Felicia Day
8 Poppin Woody February 7, 2014 Saving Mr. Banks Rosario Dawson
9 Cause This Is Stiller! Stiller Night! February 14, 2014 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Haley Joel Osment
10 Marky Marksman February 21, 2014 Lone Survivor Justin Long


  1. Jump up^ Kevin Smith’s ‘Spoilers’ Jumps From Hulu to Canada’s Comedy Network (Exclusive)

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