The Doozers

The Doozers is an American / Canadian computer animated series created by The Jim Henson Company . It’s a spin-off of Fraggle Rock . The Doozers began airing on Hulu on April 25, 2014. [1]


The series was produced by The Jim Henson Company with DHX Media . MIPTV in 2009. A March 2009 Eleven-minute episodes (or 26 half-hour broadcast episodes). Production was originally planned for fall 2010; The Henson Company continued to seek out broadcasters. [2]


In the self-sustainable community of Doozer Creek, the show focuses on the Doozer Pod Squad (consisting of Daisy Wheel, Flex, Spike, and Mollybolt).


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Chief’s family

  • Chief Doozer – The Chief of Doozer Creek is a Spike Doozer and Daisy Wheel Doozer’s mom.
  • Daisy Wheel Doozer (Voiced by Millie Davis ) – Daisy Wheel Doozer is the youngest and smallest of the Doozer Pod Squad. She is the younger sister of Spike Doozer and the daughter of Chief Doozer. She has a blue nose and blue hair and wears a purple hat, socks and shirt.
  • Spike Doozer (Voiced by Jacob Ewaniuk ) – Spike is the member of the Pod Squad who pushes the other Pod Squad members into action. He is the son of Chief Doozer and the older brother of Daisy Wheel Doozer. He has a brown hair and wears a blue hat, socks and wristbands.

Architect’s family

  • Chief Architect Doozer – the wife of Barker and mother of Molly.
  • Baker Timberbolt Doozer (voiced by David Berni ) – The father of Molly Bolt Doozer and the husband of Chief Architect Doozer. He runs the bakery shop in Doozer Creek.
  • Molly Bolt Doozer (voiced by Jenna Warren) – Molly Bolt Doozer is a Pod Squad member who enjoys organizing events. She can also make lists, maps, and graphs. She has a purple nose and purple hair and wears a pink hat, socks and shirt.
  • Peg Bolt Doozer (Voiced by Lisa Norton) –


  • Flex Doozer (voiced by Trek Buccino) – Flex lives on his grandparents. Flex pilots the Pod Squad’s vehicles. He has a yellow nose and yellow hair and wears an orange hat, socks and wristbands.
  • Doozer Doodad ( Voiced by David Berni ) – The Doozer Doodad ( Voiced by David Berni )
  • Gimbal Pinball (voiced by Lisa Norton) –
  • Professor Gimbal wears glasses and has a purplish-white color in his nose and hair, wearing a light blue helmet. He manages the Doozarium, where the Pod Squad meet. He issues challenges, and makes suggestions, for various projects for the Pod Squad to complete.
  • Baxter was advertised for the series but has not appeared yet. He had a brown nose and brown hair.


  1. Project Radish-A-Pult – A gust of wind knocks on a bridge in Doozer Creek, blocking the path and halting construction of a new wind turbine.
  2. Pod Squad Boogey – The Pod Squad is performing in the Starlight Concert, but when they hear other Doozers singing, the group decides they need to do something to stand out.
  3. Jetpack Away – When Daisy Wheel’s jetpack goes on the fritz, Flex volunteers to fix it. Doozer Creek is one of the world’s most popular online dating sites.
  4. Follow Your Nose – Molly’s Dad, Baker Timberbolt, is left with 100 extra smackleberry muffins . The Pod Squad runs all over town trying to get rid of the muffins.
  5. Bubbles – The Pod Squad invites the Cleanamajigger, the ultimate cleaning machine that has a combination of polish / bubble sprayer and scrubber.
  6. Mega Magnet Mover – Flex is making a clock for his Grandpa’s birthday. But as he goes to the finishing touches on his design, he realizes he’s lost his Doodriver.
  7. Zip It – Spike is the second most popular zombie in the world.
  8. Green Thumbs – Inspired by Professor Gimbal, the Doozers
  9. Be Leaf It – The Fall Foliage Festival was a success, but now the Pod Squad needs to figure out what to do with all the spare leaves they’ve collected.
  10. Spookypalooza – It’s Spookypalooza! The Pod Squad makes the spookiest pumpkin ever by stacking three pumpkins together.
  11. An Itch You Can not Scratch – Professor Gimbal is getting rid of some of his old inventions, but he’s bummed that he has to throw them out. That’s when the Pod Squad decides to re-purpose them in a whole new way.
  12. Doozer Derby – Doozer Creek is hosting the Doozer Derby, a design-your-own Doozer Derby Cart race. The Pod Squad Wants To Enter Them.
  13. Dancing Doodad – There’s a big dance tonight in Doozer Creek and every Doozer will be there …. every Doozer but Doozer Doodad, that is.
  14. A Doozer of a Dippleplant – With the help of Flex’s grandpa, the Pod Squad is on track to grow the largest dippleplant in Doozer history!
  15. Home Tweet Home – Molly’s house has a new tenant….a bird! Working together, the Pod Squad designs the ultimate home for their new friend, but soon realize that maybe a ‘Doozer’ house isn’t what the bird had in mind.
  16. Doozers Amusers – The Pod Squad is thrilled when Professor Gimbal introduces them to his new baby nephew, Pinball. There’s just one problem – the baby won’t laugh or even smile!
  17. Safe from Sound – At home, Spike and Daisy Wheel are startled by a horrible screeching sound – and it’s coming from inside the house! It’s their mom, learning a new instrument called the Doozeedoo!
  18. A Sticky Situation – The Pod Squad is busy working at a new playground in Doozer Creek when Professor Gimbal slips on the bridge and gets stuck in a termite mound strong!
  19. Gift for Gimbal – The Pod Squad Want To Get Professor Gimbal a gift, but what do you give the Doozer that has everything? Playing detective, they follow him around Doozer Creek, collecting clues about what he might like.
  20. Catch a Ride – Everyone in the Pod Squad has their own vehicle except Molly. After trying out her friends’ rides, the group decided to create a custom made for her.
  21. Little Feats – Being the smallest, Daisy Wheel has a lot to do with the bigger kids.
  22. Flex Art – There’s an art festival in Doozer Creek and every Doozer is busy creating their own masterpiece …. everyone except Flex. He’s more of an inventor than an artist, and he’s totally stumped. With a little help from Doozer Deidra, the town artist, Flex learns that art can be anything and gets busy building his own piece of resistance.
  23. Butterfly Away – The monarch butterflies are making their annual migration through Doozer Creek when Daisy Wheel records a single butterfly still lingering in town. The Pod Squad decides to help get the butterfly back to the others without scaring it away.
  24. The Legend of Doozer Creek – It’s a big Pod Squad sleepover at Molly’s house! The gang wants to hear a spooky story! Baker Timber Bolt Obligations, The Legend of Doozer Creek. It’s how Spookypalooza came to be celebrated in Doozer Creek!
  25. Mystery Box – Professor Gimbal gives the Pod Squad a curious present-a Mystery Box with a surprise inside. Now they just have to figure out how to open this strange-looking box!
  26. Detective Doozers – Professor Gimbal is tired and frustrated. He can’t figure out how to finish his latest invention. To make matters worse, his old inventions are going missing. The Pod Squad volunteer to figure out what happened to the missing items and become …The Detective Squad! They soon discover Professor Gimbal has been stealing….in his sleep!
  27. Up, Up and Away –
  28. Hiccup-a-Majig –
  29. Cake Walk – Molly and her Mom and Dad made a huge cake for a contest but the cake carrier is too small. So it’s up to The Pod Squad to build a cake carrier that will be easy to carry to the contest.
  30. The Eggcellent –
  31. Pod Ball –
  32. Enter the Ditzies –
  33. Doozermahoozit –
  34. Trouble Below –
  35. Daisy Wheel on Ice – Daisy Wheel is tired of falling on the ice when she’s trying to learn how to skate. So The Pod Squad build Daisy a Doo-Step Skating Dress that will keep her from falling down.
  36. The Gingerbread House – The Pod Squad want to build a giant gingerbread house that they can all fit inside. But how can they build it if it keeps falling to pieces?
  37. Mapping Quest –
  38. Dune Buddies –
  39. Big Stars –
  40. Light Where It’s Dark –
  41. Doozers on Parade –
  42. Doozers Re-Users –
  43. It’s a Breeze –
  44. Three’s a Team –
  45. Sky High Doozers –
  46. A Windy Wonder –
  47. Short Order Doozers – After Molly’s dad is having a hard time by giving every single Doozer a sandwich, She and The Pod Squad try to figure out a faster way to give everybody their sandwich.
  48. The Blue Beaker –
  49. Picture Perfect –
  50. In a Fog –
  51. Starry Night –
  52. The Pod Squad Pavilion –


  • David Berni – Baker Timberbolt Doozer and Doozer Doodad
  • Trek Buccino – Flex Doozer
  • Millie Davis – Daisy Wheel Doozer
  • Jacob Ewaniuk – Spike Doozer
  • Lisa Norton as Peg Bolt and Pinball Gimbal
  • Jenna Warren – Molly Bolt Doozer


  • Merle Ann Ridley – Voice Director


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