Tekzilla was an American video podcast on the Revision3 network ( Tekzilla was released every Tuesday). It was hosted by Patrick Norton and Shannon Morse, with Roger Chang as a frequent guest host. For the first 14 episodes of Tekzilla , Patrick’s co-host was Jessica Corbin, who made a guest appearance on episode 16. In November 2013, Veronica Belmont left the show. She Had we Tekzilla host has-been since 2008. [1] Shannon Morse est devenu the new host. On November 25, 2014, Tekzilla aired for the final time. Starting in January 2015,


Tekzilla Was a viewer question, review, news and technology show, a mix entre The Screen Savers and Call for Help (and featuring Sami Reviews some of the talent we have air Those shows). Each show has a brief description of the sponsors. After a short title sequence the hosts have themselves and talked about events that happened to them. It was not a problem for me to get the answers.

For a few weeks in 2008, Revision3 broadcast Tekzilla live; This was stopped for unknown reasons. However, PA Serafina was quoted on the forums for saying “I’ll keep you updated”. [2] In more recent episodes viewers were urged to upload video questions on YouTube; Building on this Roger Chang MENTIONED During one of the live shows in 2008 That he thought HAVING live Skype calls Would Be a good addition to the show. However, now that live shows have ceased this never happened. Citation needed ]


Since Spring 2009, Tekzilla has had a change of set, as pictured to the left. This is a new area with a sunscreen (similar to the Tekzilla logo) behind it. In addition, the old fake brick wall has been painted white and has various other cosmetic changes from the 2007-2009 set. [3] The set has two Vizio televisions – on Tekzilla Daily they are used to show screenshots, on the main show they are mostly used to show the Tekzilla logo and occasionally the output of a monitor. Since January 2009, the Tekzilla has already occupied the space previously used by Internet Superstar , a previous Revision3 show. [4]

Tekzilla Daily Tip 

Tekzilla Daily Tip , formerly Tekzilla Daily , was a daily videocast made by the cast and crew of Tekzilla , originally starring Patrick Norton and later starring Veronica Belmont with Norton occasionally filling in for Belmont. Episodes were generally 1 minute to 3 minutes long. Tips are usually broken down and include various categories; Windows , Mac OS , Firefox , iTunes , and occasionally other topics. Citation needed ] The videocast ended on September 12, 2013, with an announcement by Belmont. [5]

Merger with Systm and HD Nation 

On episode 109 of Systm , an announcement Stated That Systm and Tekzilla Would Be merging, and Systm Would Become a mini-series of the regular inside Tekzilla episodes.

On November 16, 2010, Tekzilla ‘ s producteurs annoncé que le show Would Be expanded to two full episodes per week, with HD Nation Becoming share of Tekzilla and Its host Robert Heron joining as a third present. [6]


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