List of Diggnation episodes

As of January 25, 2012 Diggnation has released 341 episodes. [1]

2005 Episodes

# title Release Date Stories
1 “July 1, 2005” July 1, 2005 Digg 2.0 Beta
iTunes 4.9 Released
AOL ‘Gives Up’
Google Video Lock Cracked
Cablevision launches 50 Mbit / s service in Long Island
Jinx T-shirts give digg users 5% off
Real Frankenstein Scientists Discover Bringing Back the Dead
2 “July 8, 2005” July 8, 2005 The world selon Livejournal
Flickr – London bomb blasts
HOWTO: Save Nearly Any multimedia file
New Firefox update system
Water That does not get things wet
Look mom! No parachute
Google maps transparencies
Man Charged With Felony For Stealing Wi-Fi
3 “July 15, 2005” July 15, 2005 Welcome to Digg 2.0
Optimus Keyboard (OLED)
Dual View LCD Display
QuickTime 7 for Windows
Odeo goes public
Human-brained monkeys
Proof que la Ionic Breeze is Junk
It’s official: more cellphone lines
4 “July 22, 2005” July 22, 2005 Xbox 360
Movie Leaks Spielberg Speaks on Transformers
Scottish Beams Up For The Last Time
Hacker Erased Spammer’s Database
Fake Nukes, World’s First Open Source Beer
Flash Video Showing IIS Being Hacked
Rockstar Celebrations Manufacturing Of San Andreas
5 “July 28, 2005” July 29, 2005 Serial number of your printer could be hidden in every printout
Yahoo acquires Konfabulator
Starting today Pirates can not update their Windows
Liberated games
Windows Vista beta 1 released
Firefox downloaded 75,000,000 times
Digg breaks top 5,000 ranking on
Hacker unlock all weapons for BF2
Family Guy movie leaked
Diggnation on ABC news
6 “August 5, 2005” August 5, 2005 The 5 Best Bit Torrent Sites
System Episode 3 Released
Experts Warn About Powdered Alcohol
Why I Will Never Have A Girlfriend – Statistical Analysis!
Nanotechnology Kills Cancer Cells
New AIM Beta has HUGELY Obtrusive ADS (screenshot)
Harrison Ford Has Agreed To Indy Jones IV
Apple Expands Apple iPod Trademark to Include Video
Apple releases multi-button mouse
7 “August 11, 2005” August 11, 2005 Office officespace TPS Reports
Pentium 4 overclocked to 7 GHz
Pirates of Silicon Valley DVD
Control your dreams
Google’s instant messenger
Sex tips for geeks
Peter Jennings
We killed Diggnation
Giant octopus
MS Gives up on genuine advantage
8 “August 18, 2005” August 18, 2005 Mad rush for $ 50 Computers
Short Film shot Canon EOS 20D
Crocodile Immune System Kills HIV
Company Names
Call For Help Is Coming Back
Google To Offer Free WiFi?
DVD Shrink Is No More
Hybrid Supercar
Diggnation T-shirts
9 “August 25, 2005” August 25, 2005 Google Talk
The water display
Engadget 1985
AOL Finished for being hard to cancel
New GMail feature
Prank calls to Geek Squad
Top 15 tech shows
stupid harry potter
10 “September 1, 2005” September 1, 2005 CNN Weatherman Loses His Cool
The world’s first photograph
Sex Makes people healthy
Try a Mac Mini for 30 days
Flikr users map mass cancellation
Super Mario Brothers TV show
Mazda Ditches cylinder locks in favor of USB
It’s a miracle mice regrow hearts
ShrinkTo5 open source dvdshrink replacement
11 “September 8, 2005” September 8, 2005 Apple iPod Nano
iTunes 5 and Quicktime 7
Bypass annoying automated recordings
NerdTV is out
GoldenEye source
Mystery bulge
Superman returns trailer
Create an X-Wing
Holographic projection
12 “September 15, 2005” September 15, 2005 Power supply calculator
Patents on NES
How to make people look pretty
Teen gets jail time for Paris Hilton hack
First Google
iTunes video store website
Intel’s manufacturing costs
fish tongue
13 “September 22, 2005” September 22, 2005 Make your own sticky mosaic
Jobs says pirates will “Burn in Hell”
Yahoo’s new email kicks Some Gmail
28hr Day
Google begins testing WiFi
Office Space: SE
Plague in WoW
Buy it – burn it – return it
Opera is free
14 “September 29, 2005” October 1, 2005 Diggnation in Dolby 5.1
How fast can you kind
Digg: Now with RSS search
Zombie Infection Simulation
Watch TV through Google
TechTV NOT coming back
Giant squid
Windows is broken
$ 100 MIT laptop
15 “October 6, 2005” October 8, 2005 BBC says video iPod
AOL owns Engadget
Linux in a web browser
Wedding proposal via Search Engine
PSP Virus
Peter Jackson Direct Halo Movie
1918 flu
Jet Blue landing gear
HDTV easter egg
16 “October 13, 2005” October 15, 2005 Canon Camera Detects smilies
Blockbuster Could Have Bought Netflix
Hack-A-Day goes independent
Wolf 3D in Flash
WoW Spyware
New Apple products
Hacking Myspace
17 “October 20, 2005” October 22, 2005 Lego DeLorean
Physics game
DVD Jon lands job
Map of Digg users
Keeping Blizzard Honest
Playable Xbox 360
First 🙂
Infrared see through filter
Suicide Girls TV
18 “October 26, 2005” October 29, 2005 PS3 Backwards Compatible?
Wal-Mart pulls on 360 kiosks Google to take on Craigslist
First BitTorrent conviction
Nintendo Revolution worldwide launch finally online
Comedy Central Unveils Motherload Network
The New Yorker reveals fake word in
Google Maps + Ajax + Chatting = Amazing new chat client
Alarm clocks are bad. How to wake up and get better
19 “November 3, 2005” November 6, 2005 ITunes video sales
The Big Rain
Nintendo Graphics
Artificial Trees end global warming
iTunes phone
37 gamers have 2GB RAM
Free online FPS
IE tab w / Firefox
20 “November 10, 2005” November 11, 2005 Ghostbusters 3
Hong Kong’s Architecture
Secret note for 2025
Family Guy Creators 1995
First iPod Video Comments
Torrent Finder
AMD passes Intel
How a scientist changed the NBA
Sony’s Root Kit
21 “November 17, 2005” November 17, 2005 IPod nano now does video
Cracking the Xbox 360
Spy Drones
Man’s body cured of HIV
Crash test
iStone iPod dock
Sony says sorry
Every Playboy centerfold
22 “November 24, 2005” November 24, 2005 Kevin and Alex revisit their favorite Diggnation moments.
23 “December 1, 2005” December 3, 2005 NBC May sue TiVo
Cool Google maps
TiVo beta
Pay for the channels you want
Man beams down 5,000 channels
Only 4% can spot phishing
FireFox 1.5
Abusive NY camera store
24 “December 8, 2005” December 10, 2005 Adam Curry changes
coloring black-and-white photos
Google Calendar
X-Men 3 pictures
Costco’s Ultimate Gaming Machine
Podcast named word of the year
New TV shows on iTunes
25 “December 15, 2005” December 17, 2005 Digg it on TiVo
Credit Card 2GB USB
RIAA’s Propaganda Site
iPod Nano Case
Pencil Carving
Japanese Emoticons
Great Wallpaper
Da Vinci Code Trailer
Bill Gate’s House
26 “December 20, 2005” December 24, 2005 Digg spy v2
WoW passes 5M
The truth about suprnova
Call phones banned
100k nanos a day
Segway owner drinks urine
Microsoft drops IE
Audio car gets great gas mileage
Micro dwellings
27 “December 29, 2005” December 31, 2005 Man His Own buys stolen camera
Nintendo Zelda footage
Pirates bay needs your help
Reviews The most artistic puzzle yet
Bender prototype
Vertical farming
High-ground sand game
25 Most Interesting Webcams

2006 Episodes

# title Release Date Stories
28 “January 5, 2006” January 6, 2006 Holophonic Sound
AllPeers Is The FireFox “Killer App”
RIAA Tries New Scare Tactics
iPods To Arrive with Wireless
Elmo Asks ‘Who Wants to Die?’
Google map of open webcams
Build a mobile phone jammer
20% off at, but is it legal?
29 “January 12, 2006” January 14, 2006 TiVo Series 3 First Look
MacWorld announcements leaked
Nikon to discontinue all ANALOG cameras
Google pack fails to impress
Did you miss CES? Download ‘Indigital’
How to Get Smarter – One Breath at a Time
Google and CBS release embarrassment of a video store
thirty “January 19, 2006” January 19, 2006 ITunes boosts prime time ratings for NBC / ABC
Apple Intel-Ad Postal
Play Half-Life on iPod Nano
Make your own Island
LSD: The Geek’s Wonder Drug?
Stardust Probe
Turn and old scanner into a 115 megapixel camera
Old Tetris
An animated GIF showing a stabilized version of the infamous Bigfoot movie
31 “January 25, 2006” January 25, 2006 Disney Buys Pixar for US $ 7 Billion
Restaurant for Playing Copyrighted Music
Google Video site updated
PS3 Silence Raises Doubt
(Video) 8088 Corruption hack
Yahoo Throws in the Towel – Google Wins
Booth Babes Banned
Space Shuttle to Deathtrap, says Astronaut
32 “February 2, 2006” February 2, 2006 45 Mbit / s to our homes
Wikipedia United States Congress blocks IP addresses
Starforce boing boing deferrals to the FBI
Why you shoulds not uncap your internet connection
Bill Gates too rich for tax computer to handle
Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones 4
Girls encrypted USB stick locks Parents out
33 “February 9, 2006” February 11, 2006 MacGyver is Back!
Peter Jackson visits Bungie
1GB Nano
Sleeping bag man
Gmail Adds New Chats Feature
Firefox 2.0 Alpha 1
iPod + iTunes = Monopoly
Google’s Gbuy
Halo Creator Wants To Work On Revolution
34 “February 16, 2006” February 18, 2006 Diggnation Live in SF!
Dvorak Predicts Apple Switch to Windows
Another MySpace Death
Red Dot is Cellphones Indicates Water Damage
Pics of Nissan Terranaut
Upgraded Mobo = New Windows License
Ford Invents Better Hybrid
RIAA Says Ripping CDs NOT Fair Use
35 “February 23, 2006” February 25, 2006 CNN Goes Clean
Phantom Dead
No More Kosher at Taco Bell and KFC
Spielberg Confirms
Google Page Creator
Serenity Makes more money via DVD Then theaters
Sony stock drops on PS3 costs
Early HDTV adopters screwed by HD DVD and Blu-ray
36 “March 9, 2006” March 11, 2006 Ask-a-ninja
Microsoft finally unveils its Origami
Silicon valley fight club
Google to acquire Writely
Quake3 on 24 monitor display
New Digg Comment System Released!
X3 Trailer
Real Google Calendar
Shotgun on shuttle
37 “March 16, 2006” March 18, 2006 Booting Windows on Mac
Digg adds Friend Tracking
PS3 Delay Official
ATi vs nVidia
Apple’s $ 9.99 Movies
Dell Acquires Alienware
WoW Player Banned for Using Logitech
PriceRitePhoto is back
38 “March 23, 2006” March 25, 2006 PS3 controller redesign
Apple to hell w / France
Dell finalizes Alienware deal
Adult Swim 24/7
FireFox causes break up
Vista delayed to 2007
39 “March 30, 2006” April 1, 2006 Zelda movie in development
Programmable soda bottle
Top 87 bad predictions
Crysis engine
Geek catches girlfriend
Portable cellphone jammer
Google patents Wi-Fi
PayPal mobile
40 “April 6, 2006” April 8, 2006 Apple releases Boot Camp
Netflix sues Blockbuster
March rover’s broken wheel
15,000 photoshop layer
Geek health problems
How I work: Bill Gates
First clockless processor
DS Lite in May
41 “April 13, 2006” April 15, 2006 Vista will not show fancy graphics to hackers
Google Calendar lancé
PS3 not playable at E3
Duke Nukem Forever in Final Stages
Britain’s new logo thundercat
GOVT PayPal to: Give us your users
Google Makes 12 cents per search
Video of high-tech civic
42 “April 20, 2006” April 22, 2006 Save $ 200 in 2 minutes
Ticket for changing lights
Challenges in SF area
Miller cold can
8 year old car thief loves great theft
Bluebonic hits women
First screens of command and conquer
43 “April 27, 2006” April 29, 2006 Nintendo Wii
Pro football player beats us nerd
Apple blocking MySpace
DiggUpdate 2.0
Boing 797
Howto get into Yahoo mail beta
SCIFI Caprica
44 “May 4, 2006” May 6, 2006 New Super Mario Bros. Trailer
ABC Streaming
Skype Introduces 100-person Internet conferencing
Star Wars on DVD
Mac OS X 10.5 to BitTorrent Include
Google Video AVI
Bamboo Monitors
Oblivion Rating
45 “May 11, 2006” May 13, 2006 PS3 Controller
Nintendo DS Opera Screenshots
Duck Hunt 2
Cancer cured in mice
Google Trend
Wii for $ 250 (oops, $ 200)
Digg / Google Co-op
46 “May 18, 2006” May 20, 2006 SkypeOut FREE
Sony Blu-ray Goof
New homepage
MacBook released
Gmail will not crack PDFs
CPU Magazine falls for’s April Fools
Creative Sues Apple’s iPod interface
Google Video to get fine tooned
47 “May 25, 2006” May 27, 2006 First Pictures of MIT’s $ 100 Laptop
No Engines!
A Barrel Roll while Pouring Iced Tea
14-year-old kid Becomes millionaire through online scamming
Soviet Architecture Never Built (awesome photos)
Apple + Nike
Dell Strikes Back
Microsoft: We’d Rather Educate, Than Punish Piracy
INSANE Mosaic! Check this out … crazy
48 “June 1, 2006” June 3, 2006 Raided
Fox Confirms X-Men 4
I just want a cell phone
Marriage bad for scientists
Meet New (random) Friends at
AMD + ATI = Love
Online Workers paid 2 ¢ to draw Sheep Facing Left
Problems / Female gamers
49 “June 8, 2006” June 10, 2006 Xbox 360 releases over 125 new features
Google The Spreadsheet Is Here & Threatens
The Pirate Bay: Back and Searchable A
Selection in Sixty Fingertip
Driver’s Car Searched Due to Suspicion of Home-made Pirate CDs Seen in Car
AMAZING Comparison Between Real-Life and the CRYSIS Engine
Animator vs. Animation
50 “June 14, 2006” June 17, 2006 Digg: Soon, Not Just for Geeks Anymore
Google Earth & Warcraft 3 Running on a Multi-User Table Top Display
CGI simulation of meteor colliding with Earth
Hawking says humans must go into space
A Ring Tone That Adults Can not Hear
Pirate Bay’s Popularity DOUBLES after 3 days of being shut down
51 “June 22, 2006” June 24, 2006 Kevin & Alex give a behind the scenes look of Digg v3.
52 “June 29, 2006” July 1, 2006 Team Xecuter confirms leaked hacked Xbox360 Pics
Dell and AMD sign deal for a 1,000,000 Chips
Google Could’ve Bought MySpace (for half price)
Spiderman 3 Trailer online
World’s 2nd Richest Man Give Away Fortune: To Bill Gate’s
New Digg v3 Launched
Motorola does it Again
Behold the new H5
P2P insure will pay your fines if RIAA sues: $ 19 / year
53 “July 6, 2006” July 8, 2006 Rocketboom: Losing the Boom
Microsoft censors MSN Messenger
2009 Camaro starring role / Transformers Movie!
Casino refuses to pay jackpot – Winning is “glitch”
ugg boots uk off gigs to give back iPod gifts
Firefox creator’s thoughts on IE7, and Future of Firefox
Preventing email piracy
Tweak XP for gaming
54 “July 13, 2006” July 15, 2006 New in Gmail: Delete All The Spam
Giant Diggnation mosaic assembled
Incredible Etch-A-Sketch Artistry
Why Geeks and Nerds
Microsoft Drops Its XP Pirate Checks
Best Acoustic Guitar Solo I’ve Ever heard
The legendary video of Alex Albrecht Kevin’s Kevin’s mac on live TV
Kevin And Dan’s ‘flat’
55 “July 21, 2006” July 25, 2006 TMNT trailer
Calacanis to pay top digg users
Yahoo unrestricted MP3 downloads
Google launches free wifi for trusted users
Joel Sigel Kevin Smith
Apple to announce iTunes movie rentals
MySpace hack
Details of AOL customer retention manual
56 “July 27, 2006” July 26, 2006 Movie: DS Opera Browser in action
Top 10 Bad Ideas that made it big time
14 Year old boy Who Sees with sound
Skating in a Water Park
Digg Case Mod
18 things to trick your body
Dodge bullet – Test your reaction time
Is America’s $ 8 billion Dollar a Fraud?
57 “August 3, 2006” August 5, 2006 Diggination Flash Banner AD
BusinessWeek DIGGS Kevin Rose
LucasArts says movies back
First Ubuntu Billboard
3 out of 4 women love plasmas
YouTube overtakes MySpace
AOL cuts staff
IP address not legal evidence identifying file sharers
58 “August 10, 2006” August 12, 2006 Free Movies Fallen out of copyright
Waiting and missing ID
Police Investigating YouTube clip featured on Digg
FireFox downloaded 200M
Liquid Body Armor
Tired of prying eyes at work
Russian eBayer steals MacBook
PayPal refused to help
Mom hunts down teens
59 “August 17, 2006” August 19, 2006 Diggnation Won The 2006 Podcast Award For Best Tech Podcast
Introducing Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
Dell to recall 4 million batteries
Digg Adds Video Thumbnails
Wii for $ 170
Microsoft To Enable User-Created Xbox 360 Games
Get your Windows Vista Beta 2 CD for FREE
60 “August 24, 2006” August 26, 2006 Better Sound Quality Coming To iTunes
Russian scientists keep a dogs chopped off head alive! Yes, only the head!
Japan 100mbit
Huge Firefox crop circle – aliens do prefer Firefox
Bandwidth Tester
Japan is Producing Electricity from Train Station Gates Ticket
61 “August 31, 2006” September 2, 2006 Diggnation at the TikiBar
Diggnation models / Diggnation shirt spotted in an IBM ad.
Digg Trademark Fun
Google to Allow Free Downloads of Books
iTunes 6 Cracked
1.2 Million geotagged Flickr Photos
Laptop Laser Engraving
Google Office Suite Biz Site Debuts
62 “September 7, 2006” September 9, 2006 100 Most viewed Wiki Pages
Yoda Backpack
Grow a beard in 15 min
CNN Mic on
911 Dispatcher Crosses the Line
PS3 Price Going To Destroy Sony
New York to LA in Two Hours
Digg’s Eli White Releases PHP Book
63 “September 14, 2006” September 16, 2006 Microsoft Zune
Apple iTV announcements
More on Digg Friends
Wii Nov 19th
Craigslist guy
iTunes 7 released
New Digg feature
My Number 1
64 “September 21, 2006” September 23, 2006 C & C case mod: Temple of Nod
Zune Final Price
Xbox 360 adds 1080p
HD DVD drive $ 170 US
Paris Hilton Help
Invisible Skateboarding
South Park
Topless Sunbather Caught in Google Earth
65 “September 28, 2006” September 30, 2006 Intel pledges 80 cores in five years
Google Launches New Features
Happy 8th Birthday Google
Digg founders launch 2nd business – Revision3
Top 10 Orgasmic Positions for Women
btjunkie – the largest BitTorrent search engine
Win2k source code review
66 “October 5, 2006” October 7, 2006 Worried about the airline losing your luggage? No problem. Just pack a gun. NINJA DIGG for PORN?
Every Episode of Futurama
Most Annoying Website in the World Top Gear star begins BBC to show 280 mph car crash Firefox 2 reaches RC1
67 “October 12, 2006” October 14, 2006 It’s confirmed. Google Buys YouTube for $ 1.6 billion
The Future of Tires …… Tweels, WOW!
WoW nerds post South Park flaws in record time
BattleStar Galactica going to NBC
Laser TV unveiled
Been wanting that expensive gadget? – Grab some Best Buy Bucks
New Windows Mobile OS “Crossbow” shows its face
68 “October 19, 2006” October 21, 2006 An amazing Steve Jobs video clip from his 1st Day at
The Geekiest License Plates
“Price Is Right” Compilation # 1 (Bouncing Boobs)
First DIGITAL Photo EVER Taken & First Digital Camera
What Does A Candle Flame Look Like In Zero Gravity?
Free “Broken Typewriter” font style
69 “October 26, 2006” October 28, 2006 Firefox 2 Officially Released
IE cake feels to FireFox
Image of a Snowflake magnified to 300 microns
Jack black PSA
The Darkside of Dim Mak – The Touch of Death
The boy with the Incredible Brain
70 “November 2, 2006” November 4, 2006 Bob Barker is Retiring After 50 Years
Amazing Fully Functional Transformer Halloween Costume
Some intimate details on the Google YouTube Deal launches collaborative coupon code
eBay / PayPal campus site under fire
Male Contraceptive Drug Nearing Availability
Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP Released
71 “November 9, 2006” November 11, 2006 Galactica sequel tells how robot war started
Steve Wozniak: Why I Carry $ 20,000 With Me At All Times
Screenshot Windows Vista Mail
Apple Boot Camp 1.1.2 Released
Blender destroys marbles
The missing secrets of Nikola Tesla
72 “November 16, 2006” November 18, 2006 Kevin and Alex revisit their favorite digging moments over the past year.
73 “November 23, 2006” November 25, 2006 Kevin and Alex find themselves in a pickle.
74 “November 30, 2006” December 2, 2006 PS III / Wii launch to US Citizens: We’re Likely Legal
World’s smallest Digg logo
9 out of 10 e-mails now spam
iPhone will sport mini OS X?
Video: First look at $ 100 laptop Linux interface
Free Cable TV on the web
Happy 50th Leo
75 “December 08, 2006” December 9, 2006 Firefox Gone Wild
Optimus 103 keyboard demands $ 1,200 pricetag-yes, you read That right
Dangers of leet
How to make fingerprints
Get me out of this job
The mother of all computer monitors
DIY mask Lucid dreaming
76 “December 14, 2006” December 16, 2006 Psychic caught up in her own BS
First Amazing Gameplay Footage of ASSASSIN’S CREED on Xbox 360
iTunes sales’ collapsing ‘
Sony Wii Is “More of a Novelty” Despite Wii Sales Doubling PS3 Sales
Wicked Scary Walking Table
People still living in George Lucas’ Star Wars set in Tunisia
Piratebay strikes back – blocks Swedish ISP
77 “December 21, 2006” December 23, 2006 ASIMO Falling down and can not get up
30 Bizarre Beards – A facial hair extravaganza
Soy is “devil food” and is “turning our kids into homosexuals”
South Park: “We’re always in Favorite of people downloading. ”
Awesome !! An Italian city with no sun
Humping Dog USB Memory Stick
78 “December 28, 2006” December 30, 2006 Oh dear Lord! Bees!
Miss USA Miss Levy
Restaurant You decide what you pay
Toyota 400HP Hybrid sportscar
Permanently Activate Windows Vista
50 Things We Know Now, That We Did Not Know In 2005
HD DVD Encryption Hacked

2007 Episodes

# title Release Date Stories
79 “January 4, 2007” January 4, 2007 Jessica Biel high resolution bikini beach pictures
Can not Find The Time To Read A Book? Do it By Email
Inside Newegg’s HUGE Los Angeles Warehouse
Mike Tyson story on Google News uses NES picture
Someone Donated $ 286.800 to Wikipedia
Hockey Fight: Player Wears A Mic So You Can Hear How It Starts
Woz Gets Questioned by the Secret Service for Using $ 2 Bills
80 “January 11, 2007” January 11, 2007 Diggnation @ Macworld
Apple Announces iPhone
Xbox 360 IPTV is real
Bruce Lee Interview, His opinion of kung fu, from 1964
CES: Windows Vista GroupShot
The second Xbox 360 Revealed: codename Zephyr
Photographer’s Work Stolen – Used as a Book Cover
81 “January 12, 2007” January 20, 2007 Sony discontinues ALL computer monitors
iPhone & LG KE850: separated at birth?
Crazy Flipping Japanese Roller Coaster
World’s Smallest Country Up for Sale?!?!
The Worlds First External Graphics Card: Asus XG Station EN7900GS
Seagate Announces 1TB
Google Earth 4 Officially Released
82 “January 25, 2007” January 27, 2007 Netflix Internet TV / Film Delivery Starts This Week
Battery Breakthrough: 10 times more powerful and shipping this year?
Office 2008 Mac Screenshots
$ 100 laptop
Diggnation on the BIG Screen
Black Google Would Save 3,000 Megawatts a Year
How can you bend the wing of a Boeing 777 before it breaks?
83 “February 1, 2007” February 3, 2007 A hacked NES that fits inside its own controller
What Does $ 200 Get You In Cambodia? A ROCKET LAUNCHER!
Japanese Engineer invents Star Wars “AT-ST Scout Walker”
Massive list of websites all self learners shoulds know about
Nokia Aeon – This phone Beeeeeeee-a-utiful
Video: Face Morphing 3D Animation Software: Polar Express Should’ve Waited
Sweet webapp consolidates all Your shoppers club
84 “February 8, 2007” February 10, 2007 Live from Virgin America’s Airbus A320
Steve Jobs on Music
The Eye Of Sauron made out of a Tesla Coil
Get Around the Coinstar Fee
Freakin ‘Awesome: Your Desktop on Steroids
Bill Gates on the Daily Show Promoting Windows Vista
Aqua Teen “terrorists” laughing in court
Amazing Folding Couch! Unbelievable Video!
85 “February 13, 2007” February 17, 2007 Penny Arcade Accepts SCEA President Jack Tretton’s Find-A-PS3 Challenge
Gates dares anybody to exploit Vista
Comcast admits bandwidth cap 200 GB / month and is a moving target
Have astronauts ever had sex in space?
Best Buy Secret Employee Only Website Shows Different Prices From Real
New ‘Smart’ Digg This Buttons For Your Website / Blog
Breaking: Guitar Hero comes to the Wii
86 “February 22, 2007” February 24, 2007 How to Mathematically Crack a Masterlock Combination Pad-Lock
8 Things You Must Do If Your Identity Is Stolen
Biggest Google Bomb Ever
HowTo: Free and Huge custom poster for your wall
Face Composites of attractive / unattractive women
Hardest. Video Game Boss. Ever !!!!!
The true impact of Fiji bottled water-absolutely staggering
87 “March 1, 2007” March 1, 2007 Chimpanzees hunt using spears
Costco Tightens Its Return Policy
Geeky Girlfriend Makes A World Of Warcraft Themed B-Day Cake
Exclusive Leaked Video: iPod Firmware Coming. Enable Cover Flow.
Jobs and Bill Gates Rare Public Appearance Together
Britney Spears SHAVES her head
Russian Mafia Tombstones
88 “March 8, 2007” March 10, 2007 Jenna Fischer (Hot Chick from the Office)
The Fast Food Guide to Secret Menu Fast Food Restaurants
Geek Squad Charges $ 415 Dollars To Replace A Hard Drive
Beer launching fridge
Angry Second Life players set off nukes in game world
Can you survive for 24 hours without your computer?
89 “March 15, 2007” March 17, 2007 It’s Been LEGAL to Unlock Your Cell Phone Since November 2006
The “300” Workout
Never Give Up! Never surrender!
The best feature of Vista That You Knew about never
Photographer Captures Fleeing Hit-And-Run Suspect with Zoom Lens
Girls suspended over “Vagina Monologues”
Meet EZTV, The Leading TV-torrent Distribution Group
Clips from the Diggnation Temecula screening
90 “March 22, 2007” March 24, 2007 Woman grows nipple on foot
The True “Worst Game Cover of All Time”
Pictures of the Craziest Urinals From Around the World
What ever happened to the “Chunk” actor from The Goonies?
10 of the Most Awkward TV Interviews
Most realistic CG render
Super Close Google Maps Zooms
Kevin Rose interviews Kevin Lynch about Adobe’s latest project, Apollo
91 “March 29, 2007” March 31, 2007 New Way to Breathe Under Water Without Oxygen Tanks
Amazing $ 200 inkjet – Prints One Page For SECOND on sale next year
10 Things You Never Knew About
Xbox Elite
Jenna Fischer Nude on April Cover of Wired
12 Ways to Pimp Your Office
92 “April 5, 2007” April 7, 2007 Top 10 Child Actresses from 80s TV Shows Who Grew Up To Be Hotties
You’ll Never Guess What’s In McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets
The Most Accurate PS3 Ad
People banned from SNL
60-ton Sperm Whale explodes in Taiwan Traffic – Blood and Guts everywhere
PS3 or beer ? Microsoft poses the ultimate questions
Why Do Great Movies Get Terrible DVD Cover Art?
93 “April 11, 2007” April 14, 2007 Hands-on: Xbox 360 Keyboard Attachment
Anti-rape Device to Hit the Market
TV Shows That Should Never Have Been Canceled
EMI Music launches DRM-free downloads
Questions From Your Girlfriend That Are not Really Matter
8 CORE Mac Pro Apple OFFICIALLY annoncé by
Google Launches Free 411 Service
94 “April 19, 2007” April 21, 2007 Grand Canyon Skywalk is a ripoff
Staff from “24” Send Matt Stone and Trey Parker to Snuke!
Wearable personal Digg Button
Digg me baby
3rd Party Killed the Wii?
Amazing! – Carlos Mencia Steals From Bill Cosby
Gaim is now Pidgin!
French ‘safe sex’ posters
Awesome but really, really creepy
95 “April 26, 2007” April 28, 2007 25 years murder-free in ‘Gun Town USA’
Thunderbird 2.0 email client goes gold
‘Kryptonite’ discovered in mine
Billions of bees vanish without a trace. (More serious than you think)
HOT FUZZ: Getting screwed like ‘Children of Men’
The sexiest ‘Ronald’ McDonald you’ll see
Woman googles her fiancee, finds him on America’s Most Wanted; Turns him in
96 “May 3, 2007” May 5, 2007 Erotic Furniture
Best Beer Ad Ever
Lighter Footstep – Ten First Steps
Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon
Beautiful picture of space taken by NASA
Wal-Mart Names HD DVD the Winner
97 “May 10, 2007” May 12, 2007 Comcast Plays Porn Insane of Disney Channel
Boy had spiders living in his ear
Anti-God Starbucks has had customer steaming
Inexcusable: Spider-Man 3’s Graphics for Wii!
Vegan Parents Starve Baby to Death on Soy Milk / Apple Juice Diet
Pirated Movies at Circuit City (The Source)
98 “May 17, 2007” May 19, 2007 “She invented” Result Did you mean “He invented”
K-mart brand bacon looks as big as it sounds
The funniest geek T-shirts around
The Top 15 Han Solo Quotes You Need to Use in Regular Conversation
10 Reasons Why It Does not Pay To Be “The Computer Guy”
You Know You’re in College When …
machine Gives Full Night’s Sleep in 3 Hours
99 “May 24, 2007” May 26, 2007 The Pirate Bay to Launch YouTube
Engadget Knocks $ 4 trillion Apple Market Cap on Bogus iPhone email
Starcraft 2
First Rambo IV Feature Trailer
Gmail Doubles Maximum Attachment Size to 20 MB
Trent Reznor: “No wonder people steal music”
40 Albums That Deserved Rolling Stone’s 5 Celebrities of the Day: The
100 “May 31, 2007” June 2, 2007 Apple Releases iTunes 7.2
Launches iTunes Plus
The new Microsoft Surface
Google Maps new feature- Street View
Intel unveils world’s thinnest laptop
music site bought by CBS
New Facebook Applications adds
101 “June 7, 2007” June 9, 2007 Woman Pushed baby on Segway
Rejoice: The Hummer Is Dead
Squirrels with lightsabers
Another reason never to get in the water again
Firefox Reaches 25%
Semen Makes women happy
Strange ways to unlock car doors
102 “June 14, 2007” June 16, 2007 The Wizard Died
Connery Not Returning For “Indiana Jones 4”
Safari on Windows
Safari Browser: The Ultimate Porn Browser
Bob Barker takes final bow on “The Price Is Right”
Average White Kid Gets
Teen stabs burglar With samurai sword after trying to steal his PS3
103 “June 21, 2007” June 23, 2007 100 Most Beautiful Women in the World According to Lesbians
What kind of man gets a Zune tattoo?
RPG Style Map of America
Fox News anchor can not handle gory story
Roller Coaster Riders Left Hanging
See your Car in a crash and then again in slow motion
Wheel chair gets stuck in the front grill 18 wheeler guy goes for ride
104 “June 28, 2007” June 30, 2007 Must see: MSNBC Anchor will not report Paris history
First picture of Harrison Ford As Indiana Jones Since 1989
The Avg US d / l speed now is 1.97 Mbit / s vs. 61 Mbit / s enjoyed by the Japanese
Dry cleaner WINS in $ 54 million BS is following
New Digg Comments System Live
Internet Radio “Day of Silence”
Pownce – Send Stuff to Your Friends
105 “July 5, 2007” July 7, 2007 THIS is how you deal with lazy Police
Optical Illusion – Which Way She is Moving?
One of THE COOLEST Guitars
What is the first thing you do?
72 year old ex-Marine beats the crap out of 27 year old pickpocket
The baby on Nirvana’s Nevermind album is 17
Crazy guy can draw using HTML
106 “July 12, 2007” July 14, 2007 Nintendo Announces Wii Fit: Step Pad To Get Healthy
Will it Blend? – iPhone
E3 2007: Halo Wars Gameplay Footage
Microsoft Announces 3-Year 360 Warranty Extension
Forget the iPhone
T-Mobile Advertisements Free Calls via Internet (WiFi)
Geek Squad Caught On Stealing Video From Customer’s Computer
Hack Lets You Pay Sites Pay Per Free Disguising Your Browser as GoogleBot Diggation Contest Winner
Zune VAF Octavio Contest Winners
107 “July 19, 2007” July 21, 2007 Four Australian youths foil speed camera
buffest Dog I Have Ever Seen [PIC]
HOW TO Chill’s Hot Beer or Soda in 3 Minutes
How To Initiate Conversation
Reporter Hailed for Killing Hilton Story
Default Password List For Hundreds of Routers
Firewalls, Servers Printer .. Airport Security
108 “July 26, 2007” July 28, 2007 Girls with Assault Rifles buying ice cream in Israel (PIC)
Google’s $ 4.6 billion plan for an open wireless Internet
Cat Chooses who will die next
Real Men Love the Fifth Element
Digg: New ad provider
Comedian Drew Carey to Replace Bob Barker on Price is Right
Chuck Norris Action Jeans (Pic)
109 “August 2, 2007” August 4, 2007 This is a joke, right?
SCRATCH: makes programming like playing with LEGO bricks
Worst Hand-Model Ever
Possibly The Most Unhealthy Ever Created Pizza
Are you quick enough for baseball?
Nissan to test anti-drink driving system
Japanese pool with a secret [Pictures]
110 “August 9, 2007” August 11, 2007 Researcher’s Analysis of Al Qaeda Images Reveals Surprises
Pirate Bay About To Relaunch
Patrick Norton leaves DL.TV
Morgan Webb launches webbalert qui est a daily vlog
Undercover NBC Dateline refer bolts from DEFCON 2007
Apple’s new metallic keyboards
7 Things Some Guys Do That Make Women Think They’re a Pervert
Inside a Swiss Nuclear Fallout Shelter [PICS]
111 “August 16, 2007” August 18, 2007 Baking a laptop
A homemade starship company
One man’s journey to break stupid local American laws
A surprisingly cool detail in Kevin Mitnick’s business cards
112 “Aug 23, 2007” August 25, 2007 Flash 9 support of H264
The notion that space dust is alive
A huge widescreen display bug in Bioshock
How Paramount and DreamWorks have abandoned support of Blu-ray
113 “The Sensitive Episode” August 31, 2007 Alex would have put down Hachiko the patient dog
Kevin tops the ultimate wedding proposal
A sexy woman moons your IP
Who drinks a $ 1000 beer?
114 “Back in LA” September 7, 2007 Diggnation goes HD
NBC dumps iTunes
Palm kills Foleo
Sony edits Wikipedia
Apple cuts iPhone price
ROGUE Digg Pictures page
C & C Freeware!
Revision3 is hiring
DRAUGHTKEG of Heineken: Kevin and Alex kill it
115 “Time to leave home” September 14, 2007 Sub- $ 200 HD DVD player
Whiten your teeth with strawberries
Broadband speed ranked by country
Regrettable tattoos
Magnetic fridge needs no electricity
25 interesting animals (Did we have to see a blobfish?)
116 “Kevin’s Big Announcement” September 21, 2007 Alex and Kevin are on the hunt for new HDTVs
Kevin cracked His iPhone
Leaked Emails Digital Defender
Dr. Invents HIV Destroying Enzyme
UF Student Tasered at Kerry Speech
More’s Kevin “Big Announcement”
117 “Days of Wine and Pigeons” September 28, 2007 Wine Library TV: What wine goes with Pizza?
Meteorite Sickness
Sleeping Pills (Kevin and Alex are going to London!)
Soviet Doomsday Device
Steal Office 2007
Pigeons vs. Sprinkler
118 “Live from London! Standing Room Only” October 5, 2007 Halo 3 Records Records
Let Apple Know You Want 3rd Party Apps On The iPhone
YouTube Adding 30 Second Ads-not exactly
Amazon Launches DRM-Free Music Store
Kevin country nothing for new Radiohead album
Alex says Pigeon tastes just like … pigeon
119 “If London’s Calling …” October 12, 2007 Bling gold plated MacBook Pros
Invisible Cloaks
Naked Natalie Portman
Sexy Polish Barbers
Pink is the new Google
HaloDS for real
The awesome new Microsoft Zune
120 “Captain America and the Russian Mob” October 19, 2007 IPhone SDK in 2008
Russian spammer murdered
Halo 3 vs movies
ancient flying vehicles
Kevin Rose and Captain America
Terrifying foods
121 “Back to Beers” October 26, 2007 Turn off that iPhone
Death Star Flaw
Girls Kissing Monkeys
Increase your IQ
Frugal Gift Ideas
30 Year Laptop Battery
A new Earth
122 “Trent Reznor’s Halloween Spectacular” November 2, 2007 Skull cake
Trent Reznor
Halloween costumes to piss people off
Google Phone
Nintendo Friend Codes
HD Military Simulator
Zombie Apocalypse
123 “Ruining Kevin’s Couch” November 9, 2007 Get rid in 1977
160 billion dollar typo
woman gets stabbed by hitchhiker
geeky weddings
Radiohead sells 1.2 million
Human race to split into 2 species
Wi-Fi for digital cameras
124 “Beware of Herpes” November 16, 2007 Xbox 360 in Japan
Rabbit avoids death
Star Wars in one pic
Downloadable Xbox games
Circuit City scandal
Peter Griffin lives!
Blu-ray DRM cracked
125 “Goth Kids and the Olive Garden” November 23, 2007 Busted on Facebook
Real Life Akira Motorcycle
Lose a Race
Dude – you’re getting a Dell kid FOUND
Squirrel Playing Dead
Creative Beggar
Zombie Attack in Ancient Egypt
126 “3rd Annual Diggnation Clips Show” November 30, 2007 Third Annual Diggnation clips show.
127 “Caffeine Makes Kevin Rose Jittery” December 7, 2007 Digg Images Launch
GameSpot Review Scandal
Open Source Hardware Gifts
DivX / XviD Playback is Xbox 360
Conan O’Brien
Topless Women Playing Wii
Evel Knievel Dead
128 “Pimps and E-Readers” December 14, 2007 Crysis = Killer Graphics Card
Human Treeman
She’s Cute, But Is She Worth it?
Amazon Kindle Vs. Sony E-Reader
NFL Soccer Removes Free Broadcast
Snoop Dogg Video Ever
Top 5 Historical Pimps
129 “Being a Geek is OK” December 21, 2007 Huge Ocean
Duke Nukem Forever
New Tay Zonday
Vista is # 1 Tech Disappointment of 2007, Fighting 5 Years Olds
Jurassic Park in Dubai
Student Arrested for Cutting Food with a Knife
130 “Low Batteries” December 28, 2007 Gisele in a Water Dress
Spider Mech
Man Carves Path in Mountain
Zero Punctuation Guitar Hero III Review
Judge Judy and eBay Scammer
Wheelbarrow Race Move
Crazy Russian Photos
Boobies for Diggnation

2008 Episodes

# title Release Date Stories
131 “Alcohol Free in the New Year” January 4, 2008 The Digg Song!
100 Things We Did not Know
World Record Motorcycle Jump
Hardest Video Game Ever
Cop Tasers Himself
Solar Energy Has Arrived
Your Best Defense Against Crossbow Attacks
132 “Digg that Souljah weather girl” January 10, 2008 Things Men Wish Knew
Dancing Weather Girl
Laughably Misleading Ads
9 Years Old Beats Guitar Hero on EXPERT
Blue Angels
Hello Kitty Contact Lenses
Trippiest Simpsons Art Ever
133 “Still Flying Sober” January 18, 2008 MacBook Air
Blu-ray Victory
Carmen Electra No
Pioneer Kuro
Radiohead Top Selling
Amazing Tennis Serve
Gizmodo Banned from CES
134 “Dreaming of the Super Bowl” January 25, 2008 Super Bowl Fantasies
Open Letter to Sci-Fi
Kickflip to Surfboard
Creepy Ads
Cat Suit of Armor
WTF Kids Ride
Survive to 500-foot fall
Counterfeit $ 100 Bills
135 “World of Diggnation” February 1, 2008 Pownce Launches
Johnny Johnny is a Hero
Revision3 on Virgin America
EA hates Fox News
Cheeseburger in a
World of Warcraft hits 10 million
Facebook Apps on any Website
136 “Sometimes Alex Gets Bored” February 8, 2008 Geeky Home Theaters
F Planet Earth
Man Hides Castle
Crazy Airport
Explosive Skateboarding
Clean Your Computer Screen
137 “Edward Cold Hands” February 15, 2008 IPhone Clone
Netflix Picks Blu-ray
Collapsible Bike
Spore Release Date
Microsoft Releases
Writer’s Strike Over
Cop Vs. Skateboarder
138 “Live from St. Louis” February 22, 2008 Divorce over WoW
HD trailer is Dead
Pirate Bay Captain Speaks out
Fidel Castro Retires
Yahoo design team fired
GeForce 8 cards gain PhysX
139 “A Couch In St. Louis” February 29, 2008 Dubai Architecture
Rejected Star Wars Promotional Crap
Dell Salesman Goes Insane
Do You Dress Like a Douchebag?
Recharge Your iPod with your shirt
Elmo Live
50% of all BitTorrent is TV shows
140 “Say It Is Not So, Favre” March 7, 2008 How To Firebomb a Night Club
New Nine Inch Nails Record
Google Gives Voicemail to the Homeless
Top 10 Barely Legal
US Gadgets Soldier Throws Puppy
iPhone Stopwatch hits 1,000
Brett Favre Retires
141 “Furniture: Transform!” March 14, 2008 Garfield Minus Garfield
Plants Twitter
Add Room to Your Apartment
Fail Dogs
Transforming Furniture
9 Signs to Not Hire a Web Designer
12 Year Old Magneto
142 “IPhone Rumor Of The Day” March 21, 2008 Blu-ray for Xbox 360
Reznor makes 1.6 million
Firefox 3 Eats Less Memory
Google Sky
RIAA Sets 750 Per Song
Intel Releasing 6 Cores
Reporter Gets Owned
Kevin’s latest iPhone Rumor
143 “Huge Diggnation Announcement” March 28, 2008 World of Warcraft
Red Alert 3 Command and Conquer 3 Screenshots
If Mario Was Real
Who Owns the Organic Companies
Solar Power Building
Laptop Skins
Star Wars Sweded
144 “Diggnation Live in Amsterdam” April 4, 2008 Photoshop Users are Pirates
Having Sex With A Patio Table
Mr. T Saves Boy
Victory for the Topless Front
3G iPhone Coming in Months
Redheads Have More Sex
Rats Use Miniature Rakes
145 “A Hotel Room in Amsterdam” April 11, 2008 Xbox 360 Moron
Nerd Holds A Woman
Firefox 3 In June
Lala from Tiki Bar TV gets clean
Neighbors Stealing Your WiFi
SEO Design Rap
Circuit City Does $ 12000 Of Damage To New Car
146 “Our Lip Dub is Better Than Yours” April 18, 2008 Twitter Saves Berkeley Student in Jail
Breakthrough at Stonehenge
Revision3 Lip Dub
Drug Could Cure Alzheimer’s
Facebook Addict
“V” Remake Aiming For
Amazing Theme Oh S # $ t Moments
147 “Urban Star Wars starring Cats” April 25, 2008 Best Mugshot Ever
Cat Plays Thermin
Diggnation iPods
Star Wars Street Photos
Longest Slam Dunk
Engineer’s Guide To Cats
Robot Displays Facial Expressions
148 “Live in San Francisco” May 2, 2008 Build a Spy GPS Tracking System
Man Stabbed while buying GTAIV
Metallica Now Embraces File Sharing
Radiohead turns down US trip
3G iPhone on June 9
Pirate Bay HAS 12 million users
Penis Theft on the Rise
149 “Win Xbox with Twitter” May 9, 2008 Twitter Virtualization
Britain’s Got Talent
50 Ways to Use Bacon
Realistic Bowser
Awesome Baseball Save
Mutant Black Squirrels
Crazy Artist Dangles
150 “The New Albrecht Residence” May 16, 2008 Angry Television Reporters
Mario Kart for Adults
Starring Jessica Alba’s Eyes
Food Portion Size
McLovin’s Anti-Piracy PSA
Farmer missing sheep find giant snake
NIN gives away new album
151 “Kevin and Alex Discuss Their Future & Water Bullets” May 23, 2008 Geeks can not ride a roller coaster like normal people
Awesome IPhone Themes
Mutu The Amazing Wall Painted Animations
Stolen MacBook Victim Uses iSight to Bust Thieves
The Stressful Life of a Japanese News Reporter
Little Kid vs. Tuba Player
Do not Throw Paper Clips At Your Co -Worker!
Pac-Man, Explained
152 “Relationship Advice” May 30, 2008 Top 10 Firefox 3 Features
The Best Parking Lot “Apology” Note of All Time
Heat Sensitive Wallpaper
The website is down because someone removed the Xbox
Hackers Can Blow Your Family to Smithereens!
Weezers New Video With All The Internet Stars!
New MP3 Revolutionizes Way You Listen to Music
153 “Jay Adelson’s House Party” June 6, 2008 Inside the Attack that Crippled Revision3
Radiohead to Prince: Unblock ‘Creep’ cover videos
Border to Check iPods for Copyright Infringement
Gun ‘
Gag order? Bah! Metal Gear Solid IV
Can you see a spider?
2012: The Year The Internet Ends
154 “The Crazy Episode Taped Live in New York City” June 13, 2008 Wife Castrated DVD Collection
Best Firefox Add On Ever
Girlfriend With Wii Fit
Woman Living in Man’s Closet
6 Most Innovative Brothers
Stupid Secretary
155 “Do Kevin and Alex use Condoms?” June 20, 2008 Man Takes Golf To Stomach
iPhone 3G True Price
Employees Quit Jobs Because of Blocked Facebook Twitter Google
Top Gear Is Coming To NBC
Google Developing ISP Throttling Detector
Funniest Father’s Day Ad
Firefox 3 Released
156 “Surprise Early Release!” June 27, 2008 Deadly Knife Super
Bugs That Excreted Petrol
Secret Scavenger hunt in Apartment
German War Machine
BMW Car Shape Shifting
Bug in Mouth Brings out in Street Reporter
Jack Sparrow in Photoshop
157 “Bye Bye Bill” July 4, 2008 Bill Gates Retires Today
Dr Who Dalek Custom Security Cam
Diablo 3 Announced
Godaddy VP Caught Bidding Against Customers
158 “Time Loop Theory” July 11, 2008 25 Signs You Have Grown Up
Rogers Ruins iPhone Dreams
Steve Carell Signs For Three More Years Of The Office
Nvidia says no to free drivers
159 “Kevin and Alex Take Over Martin’s Shed” July 18, 2008 New Radiohead Video with Lasers
iPhone OS 2.0 Unlocked
Apple Customers Insulted by Reporter and they Strike Back
Comcast BitTorrent Interference
Brett Favre is mad at the Packers
160 “Pirates!” July 25, 2008 The Pirate Bay Want to Encrypt the Entire Internet
B-2 Stealth Bomber Crash Scene Photos
Anheuser Busch Sold for 50 Billion
Can not Find a Parking Spot? Check Smartphone
Pirates Download More Music
161 “Dance Lessons with Prager” August 1, 2008 Jaw Dropping Dance Moves
Blogger gets check from HP for declining Vista EULA
New Search Engine: Cuil
Steve Jobs’ Life not in Danger
Rumor: Google to buy Digg
162 “Girls Are Stupid” August 8, 2008 75 Things That Every Man Should Do Before He Dies
DRM Still Sucks
Read Way Faster
Pilot record-setting 9.6Gs in Red Bull Air Race
163 “Diggnation in Dolby Headphone” August 15, 2008 New Digg Extension for Firefox 3
Michael Phelps Swims Into Gold Medal History
Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Is not
Sexiness WIDENS PC / Mac Price Gap
Sex With Steel Bench
164 “Prager and Hippie Glenn” August 22, 2008 Creative Business Card Designs
Early Dark Knight Concept Art Shows at Much Creepier Joker
This Guy Actually Bought the I Am Rich for $ 999.99
Ikea to Start Selling Solar Panels
Slow Motion Lightning Video is Mindblowing
165 “Live at NVISION 08 in San Jose” August 29, 2008 Behind The Scenes: Lots of Sex in the Olympic Village
15 Images You Will not Believe Are Not Photoshopped
Pistol Packing Woman Strengths Intruder to Call 911
Microsoft Enlists Seinfeld to Battle “Get a Mac” ads
Should Movie Theaters Offer Kid-Free Screenings?
166 “Kevin’s Rumors” September 5, 2008 Kevin Rose’s iPod Rumors
Holy Sh * t Just F * cking Missed Him
iHologram: Incredibly Cool but Useless iPhone App
Marry Me Leslie
Digg Up Please
It’s OK Beckham We Understand
167 “Coolest Diggnation Contest Ever !!” September 14, 2008 How the Digg Works: New Digg Technology Blog
Show Me Your Genitals Pt. 2
One Badass Scanner Scanner
The 65 MPG Ford that the US can not have
Higher and Higher
168 “Hoppin It Up at Michelob Brewing Company” September 19, 2008 Freestyle Rap Battle Translated
The Shocking Inside Story That Killed Millions of Xbox 360s
I Fly First Class
Cat Vs Printer
Microsoft Ads Makes No Sense
169 “Kevin and Alex Buy a Plane” September 26, 2008 IPhone Developers go from Rags to Riches
T-Mobile G1
Giveaway to
Two Guys Pretend to Make Out Behind CNN Reporter
Will Ferrel Answers Questions from Internet Fans
170 “Everybody Loves Cupcakes” October 3, 2008 IPhone Cupcakes
Jessica Alba 4 Months After giving birth
Adobe Creative Suite 4
171 “Hummer” October 10, 2008 Kevin and Alex discuss some of the top Digg stories from the past year.
172 “Live from London – Alex Proposes!” October 17, 2008 Gmail Goggles Prevent Drunk Emails
Cow Curiosity Fail [pic]
How to Pay Off $ 14,330 in 20 Months
Apple to Announce New Laptops Next Tuesday
If You Bought $ 1000 Of Stock A Year Ago
173 “Shot Through the Glass” October 24, 2008 Blackberry Storm Runs iPhone OS
Calacanis: Apple and Networked HDTVs
Look out McGriddle, it’s the Donut-Ham Hamburger [PIC]
Rachael Ray’s ‘Corn Porn’ (SFW)
landmarks replaced by cheap memories
174 “Alex’s Halloween Arachnophobia” October 31, 2008 Pilot to Shoot UFO
Fake Cop Busted
Awkward Wall Design
Giant Spider Eating Bird
Heads in Broccoli
175 “No Shoes” November 7, 2008 LucasArts Announces Star Wars: The Old Republic The
Army Says is a Terrorist Tool
Massive Shopping cart Fail by Two Morons
First Look at Windows 7
The 5 Reasons Luke Skywalker is a Complete Idiot
176 “Sexy Couch Hologram” November 14, 2008 Bullet Train Gets Approved in California
Microsoft retired Windows HAS officiellement 3.1
Heidi Klum Strips Down in Guitar Hero World Tour Commercial
CNN Hologram TV First
An Experiment with Google Suggest
177 “Multiview Diggnation Remix!” November 21, 2008 Tyson Injects Chicken Before Hats
Man Finds $ 182,000 hidden in bathroom wall
The 50 Skills Every Geek Should Have
Spam gets 1 response per 12,500,000 emails
178 “TikiNation” November 28, 2008 Oregon Woman Loses $ 400,000 to Nigerian Email Scam
Gmail recently added a bunch of themes to their popular Email service.
15 Images You Will not Believe Are Not Photoshopped
Let Me Google That For You
Ultimate Cat Jump Failure
179 “Hangovers” December 5, 2008 McDonald’s Sued Over Woman’s Naked Buns
PC Magazine to Shut Down Print Edition
This Is Why You Do not Steal from Cracked
Big 3 CEOs Flew Private Jets to Plead for Public Funds
Dear Firefox: Please forgive me
180 “A Couch in Maryland” December 12, 2008 Six Apart Welcomes Pownce
Shop Amazon for Free with Firefox Add on Linking to Pirate Bay
Man Arrested After Cops Find Crack Cocaine In His Vomit
Hilton Employee Witnesses Orgy, Tells, Gets Fired, Sues
10 Things Songbird Does That iTunes Can not
181 “Ax Fight!” December 19, 2008 Comcast to Offer a Bandwidth Meter to
Insane Female Bodybuilders – Google Now Hawking Fully Unlocked to Gloves to Developers
Video – Meteor Fireball over
Mother’s Fury Over Nintendo DS Scrabble – Wants Game Banned
182 “Holiday Wishes from LA” December 26, 2008 Feel Bad for Being a Pirate
Top Gear Reviews Tesla; Smokes Lotus Elise
Angry Monkeys Beat Cruel Trainer With His Own Stick
The RIAA to Stop Suing Individuals
7 Things Google Chrome Needs Now That’s Out of Beta

2009 Episodes External reviews

# title Release Date Stories
183 “Spitting Beer and Twisting Balls” January 2, 2009 Alex and Kevin argue about which is better, a Whopper or a Big Mac
Details on the tree man
Computer recycling
Love advice for a fan
184 “4th Annual Diggnation Clip Show” January 9, 2009 Funniest moments
Drinking antics
Prager + Hippie Glenn
185 “High Fives with Jimmy Fallon!” January 16, 2009 Man Confused: Why Will not Girls Talk to Him
Nin releases 400GB of HD
Top 10 Sandwiches
Star Wars toy trains fans to use the force
48-year-old virgin wins Lotto
186 “Live In Los Angeles!” January 21, 2009 Palm Pre
Developer vs. iPhone cracker
Steve Jobs leaves Apple
Hooked on masturbation
Obama’s Presidential limo
187 “Home Sweet Home in San Francisco” January 28, 2009 Strategies for Increasing Twitter followers
An invention That saves birds
President’s loaded Suburban
The controversial Britney Spears’ If U Seek Amy
Google’s GDrive
188 “Cake Maker 2000” February 4, 2009 USA’s Worst Food: Baskin Robbins Omega Shake
AskMen’s Top 99
Sylvester Stallone at 62
Multiple Versions of Windows 7 Coming
Online Cake Ordering Form Fail
189 “Wrestling” February 11, 2009 WTF? Incredibly slimming down pics, Are you kidding me?
Workflow Charts Show Fundamental Men vs. Women Differences
Husband’s Kiss Wakes Sleeping Beauty Wife in Coma
190 “Kevin Rose: Bill Gates Fanboy?” February 18, 2009 When a Mac fanboy meets Bill Gates
Sony Releases New Stupid POS That Does not F # cking Work
Teen Stabbed But Makes It To Job Interview
Michael Phelps Should Not Apologize for Smoking Pot
Dramatic Cupcake Dog Revelation
191 “Evolving Birds!” February 25, 2009 Kindle 2: First Hands On
1-night Stand Man Wakes to Find Lover’s Carved Name on Him
Fight Like a Human
HIV Mutates to Death With Drug
iJustine + Digg T-shirt = Cute
192 “Cube Dolls” March 4, 2009 Quicken Online Can not Believe Mint’s Growth
Tales Of Horror From The Circuit City Liquidation
Kevin and Alex Scheduled for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Microsoft To Start Shipping Windows 7 In September 2009
Apple Announces Safari 4 – The World’s Fastest Browser
193 “The Lost City of Diggnation” March 10, 2009 Live 6 Dream Jobs That Would Actually Suck
Dad Ruins Trick
OMG! Did Google Earth find Atlantis?
Tunnel with 40,000 LEDs Is the Closest You’ll Ever Get to Light Speed
Pepsi Finally Introducing Pure Sugar Sodas To The US!
194 “SXSW in Austin!” March 17, 2009 Your Keyboard Is Now Daft Punk
Paraplegic Man Suffers Spider Bite, Walks Again
Jim Cramer Admits To Market Manipulation
Illegal Activity
7 Badass Cartoon Villains Who Lost to Retarded Heroes
iPhone OS 3.0 coming March 17
195 “Beers with Gary Vaynerchuk” March 24, 2009 Oh, that Jean-Luc Picard!
Everything’s Amazing
Nobody’s Happy
Suicide girls flaunt sizzlin ‘bacon’ bro ‘tatts at SXSW
New camouflage outfits!
Hulk Hogan Turns
196 “Brews on the Beach” March 31, 2009 How to lose your job in 140 characters or less
Monster “HDMI Difference” scam still kickin ‘in Fry’s
Gmail Gets A Panic Button
The Best Star Wars “Action Figure” Ever
Women talk three times as much as men, says study
197 “Asteroids with Adam Carolla” April 7, 2009 JA – Trent Reznor Announces New Free EP
Colbert Wins NASA’s Node 3 Naming Contest
198 “Video Games or Sex?” April 14, 2009 DiggBar Launches Today
Hulu Encrypting Content Begins to Thwart Non-Browser Apps
11 Extinct Animals That Have Been Photographed Alive
72 percent of men Would choose video games over sex
Tropicana Sales Plunge 20% Post-Rebranding
199 “Samovar Teas!” April 21, 2009 Man Paid $ 2500 To Impregnate Neighbors Wife – Fails 72 Times
6 Geniuses Who Saw Their Inventions Go Terribly Wrong
iPhoto Discovers Face in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Where Are They Now? 25 Computer Products That Refuse to Die
The Worst Homemade Star Wars Costumes
200 “Two Hundred!” April 28, 2009 John Madden Finally Calls It Quits
New Zune HD Details Emerge
The Pirate Bay is Guilty
Hulu App Coming Soon to iPhone
201 “Semi-Instant” May 6, 2009 Google Tries New Captcha Method
10 YouTube URL Tricks You Should Know About
Fast Food Reality
202 “Young @kevinrose” May 12, 2009 Do not Buy Domains dot TV – The Island is Sinking
Disney Buys Stake in Hulu
Piracy Works – Wolverine is a Hit
Windows 7 RC goes live
Facebook Connect Launches Today
203 “The Naked Wizard” May 20, 2009 Do not Get Caught Out – ATM Scams
Naked Wizards
Disney Plants Trees
Lovers’ Car Accident and Body Implants
204 “Lasers, Bras and Chocolate Bars” May 27, 2009 Robots that bring you beer
Lasers that scan your products
PS3 Slim photos
Star Trek rips off Star Wars
205 “Affairs to Remember” June 3, 2009 Fish is found in boy’s penis
Wife’s affair is found out through porn
The CEO of Sony Pictures hates the internet
206 “Diggnation: Live from New York!” June 9, 2009 New iPhone announced
Gillette educates men on ball shaving etiquette
Windows 7 release date announced
Hulu Desktop released
Oprah pedals snake oil
207 “Xbox, Artists and Ice-cream” June 16, 2009 Xbox releases full retail games downloadable on demand
Man wakes from brain surgery as an artist
Canon workers, forbidden to sit down
Ice-cream does not melt That
Star Wars: The Old Republic
208 “Bing, Bang, Boom … And a zap.” June 23, 2009 R-Rated goodnight kisses
Windows Bing
Escaping from
Bird killing cops
209 “Cold Cans, Fast Hands and Phone Plans” June 30, 2009 Obors
strikes like a ninja
iPhone OS 3.0 is out
Abercrombie does not like amputees
210 “Two Wizards, One Teenager and a Fox” July 7, 2009 JK Rowling gets sued
Teen diagnoses her own disease
Facebook URLs
Megan Fox is Depressingly hot
211 “A Really Goode Episode … strippers included” July 14, 2009 Martin Sargent gets cheated
Is Windows 7 a little too pricey?
The King’s Seven Incher
TheVideoBay vs. YouTube
MacBook Spaceships
A Special Ending
212 “What Would Kevin And Alex Do?” July 21, 2009 Hitler’s Stealth Fighter
Creepy ‘Alice’ Pics
Firefox 3.5
Facial Hair Facts
A Religious Discussion
A Fan Finally Answers Their Phone
213 “800 Bajillion Manillion Dollars” July 29, 2009 Amazon Buys Zappos
There’s Hope For Futurama
The Taco Bell Dog Passes Away
Alice In Wonderland is Trippy
Drinks That Make You Fat
214 “Onboard the Patron Tequila Express” August 5, 2009 Alzheimer patients stop escaping
Microsoft sells Office for $ 29 in China
Seth Rogen vs. Entourage
Stock trader money-making tips
Japan says you visibly glow!
215 “What Happens in Vegas, Stays On Digging … with Ashton Kutcher” August 11, 2009 Apple Rejecting Google Voice
Yahoo Giving In To Microsoft
Surviving in the Wilderness
216 “Hippie Glenn Slurs” August 18, 2009 Kid owned by Mentos and Coke bottle
Seth Rogan rejected by Megan Fox
Decompose plastic in 3 months
High school kid sues over Kindle
and Bill Clinton Brings US journalists home
217 “Live from Arizona: Alex Hates Facebook” August 25, 2009 Anna Rawson teaches a thing or two about putting
2011 Chevy Volt Gets 230 MPG
Scary swimming Bengali White Tiger
Secrets from the jail cells of burglars
Sony annonce the slim PS3 for September 2009
2009 Sauna World Championships
218 “Poolside at Night in Arizona” September 1, 2009 Brett Favre will sign with Minnesota Vikings today
Kid Uses Apple Store to Film Boom Boom Pow Lip-Dubb
The Price is Right: Worst. Bid. Ever.
Judge: Microsoft Banned from Selling Word in the US
The Hand That Gives You Up
219 “Too Many Calories in my Beer” September 8, 2009 Snow Leopard
Drunk-o-Vision VIII
The Cutest Damn Photo Crasher Ever
Technology that is never obsolete
5 New Useful Photoshop Filters
220 “Mythnation” September 15, 2009 Adam Savage from Mythbusters
Uncovering the impossible Klein Bottles
Disney’s new entity- Marvel
Super slow motion video of people sneezing
The unfortunate and tragic end to the beloved Reading Rainbow
221 “Flying Planes and Riding Mopeds” September 23, 2009 Hippy Glenn at Burning Man
King Albrecht on black velvet
Megan Fox doing stuff with her body (again)
Do not Copy That Floppy v.2.0
Hogwarts in RL
New “Complaints for City Hall” app
Snow White’s Apple Mac gets
Obama Represents our nation in Proclaiming that Kanye West is a jackass!
222 “Hippie Glenn: The Dark Fu ** ing Knight” September 29, 2009 She’ll be coming around the mountain … when she comes
Survival tips and tricks for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse
Pictures from space via balloons
A samurai sword murder
Poodles Transformed into not-poodles
And at last … the big WTF is Revealed!
223 “Kevin’s Fancy New Hippie Shoes” October 6, 2009 Ernie Anastos, keep fu ** ing that chicken!
Hilarious parody video for Windows 7 launch party
Water found on the moon officiellement
Lily Allen gets attacked This being white for a pirate DJ
A trillion dollar yacht with anti-paparazzi shield year!
224 “Viagra and Power Outages” October 13, 2009 Alex’s “crabbing the plane” adventures
Microsoft’s response to the Apple tablet: Courier
Wild turkeys terrorizing a family
5 reasons to switch to Bing
Viagra and all its glory
We get into DIGG FM!
225 “Kevin Gets a Threatening Letter” October 20, 2009 From Hippie Glenn’s Magic Bread Factory
Kevin Rose gets a threatening letter … but thankfully can still cover your top Dugg stories of the week!
Angel investors cost money
iPod to get FM radio
illegal downloads are more profitable than legal downloads
Starcraft induces violence with knives
Super sexy cartoons!
226 “The Space – Time Continuumr” October 27, 2009 Big announcements for Kevin’s hardware
the tale of the woman Who orgasms every 6 minutes (literally)
Top 5 irrational fears
the meanest prank ever Japanese
aircraft dilemmas and the first ever episode with time travel!
227 “Interruptions at Alex’s Place” November 3, 2009 An evening of fine beverages
Retro Internet staples That We’ll forever miss
Hulu’s free glory days are numbered
The hyped launch of Windows 7
Private Google Voice voicemails showing up in public searches
Amelia Earhart’s final resting place Possibly Located
The sexy and delicious bacon bra !!
228 “Hippie Glenn Joins the Porn Industry” November 10, 2009 Drunknation, just like old times
The guys talk skating to prepare for the Birdman Digg Dialogg
Netflix for the PS3
CSI modern tech at its best
Naked man gets arrested This In His Own Home
The best holiday gift ever made in the Entire Universe – the Diggnation tea set
More Hippie Glenn porn and boobies!
229 “The Cats vs. Dogs Chronicle” November 17, 2009 Who cares about Guitar or DJ Hero?
All you need is Prager’s Whistle Hero! More
Check out this solid list of the hottest geek girls
A disgusting and amazing Tauntaun cake
Poor kitty gets pwned
The high-five bike guy in NYC
1TB hard drive the size of your thumbnail!
230 “Chugging Beers Live in New York City” November 24, 2009 Diggnation returns to NYC for the 3rd time!
We discuss the first ever US marijuana cafe
hot girl ‘s dance fail
The anticipated launch of Google Chrome
Crazy wife’ s online husband traps
Japan regulates on chub
And of course so many live Diggnation shenanigans
231 “Hi, I’m John Hodgman and I’m a Mac” December 1, 2009 Guest John “The PC” Hodgman joins us on this episode of Diggnation!
Check out the weekly discussions about the end of the Pirate Bay
Hacked Roomas playing Pac-Man
Crazy skydiving videos
And of course the infamous Mac vs. PC debate!
Also: Apple Tablet Rumors!
232 “Woods Sex Scandal: Tiger to Cheetah!” December 8, 2009 Paint-less Coke cans to save Mother Earth
Tiger Woods gossip
The end of Alec Baldwin’s Fail
Mininova goes legal
Hippie Glenn’s Hippie Cookbook
And the best Diggnation swag for all your holiday shopping needs!
233 “Stop Google From Taking Over The World!” December 15, 2009 Google is taking over the world!
Do not miss the top 5 Must have add-ons for Google Chrome
The new credit card gadget created by Jack of Twitter
Dubai goes under
And the cause of all natural disasters has finally been discovered: PORN.
234 “Why Your Mom Should Not Watch Diggnation” December 22, 2009 AT & T to limit iPhone use for intense users
Google Wave opens to 1 million users
Expensive cables vs. Cheap cables – the truth!
A rigged to bed During sex tweet
Facebook privacy policies
expressly Alex His strong hatred Toward the new Twitter feature re-tweet!
235 “Droid Gone Wild!” December 29, 2009 The ultimate Android vs. IPhone debate!
Harry Potter nude scene you’ve been waiting for
Epic lost concept art from The Matrix
The absolute hottest Vulcan we have ever seen!

2010 Episodes Writing credits

# title Release Date Stories
236 “The 5th Annual Diggnation Holiday Clip Show” January 5, 2010 Best Diggnation moments
237 “Nexus One & iSlate Revealed” January 12, 2010 New year’s resolutions
A sexy 40-year-old Gwen Stefani
Apple Tablet news
Avatar’s pro-smoking stance
Compare the internet speeds and costs across the globe
A bare knuckled Nexus One review!
238 “That’s It … I Quit Facebook!” January 19, 2010 Camera person retrospective Keith, Joey, and the random Revision3 sit-ins
Iron Man War Machine homemade follows
Why Farmville Facebook is Taking Over
A step in the right management for fast food restaurants
The best ad zoo
Best hacked road sign ever!
239 “The Art of Facebook Stalking!” January 26, 2010 What happens when you microwave boxed wine
How you can get arrested This is for recording crime szene
The Leno vs. Conan drama
The new iPhone payment system – Square
The undeniable art of Facebook stalking!
240 “Magnetic Balls” February 2, 2010 Buckyballs
FBI Sucks at Photoshop
Stupidest Tattoo of All Time
7 Classic Movie Moments You Did not Know Were Improv
Cat Fails at Time Portal
Death Metal Rooster
241 “Apple iPad: The Great Pooping Device” February 9, 2010 The Apple iPad
Teen Invents Low-Frequency Radio for Underground Comm
Stunning Photo – Mildly NSFW
Rip Torn Arrested for Armed Bank Robbery
242 “If I Puke, I’m Gonna Be Pissed” February 16, 2010 Blow Jobs Are Great! Oh, and Stay in School!
Kevin Rose Gets A Book Deal
The 6 Most Statistically Full of Sh ** Professions
25 Cat Fails
Best Video Game Warning Ever
243 “40oz. To Freedom” February 23, 2010 Aussie porn ban
Hilarious Botched Photoshop Images
The Enlightened Ideas We Get from Evil Empires
A Sports Reporter’s Improbable Shot
The Epic Artistic Rendition of Lucas to Cameron
244 “Bug Bites & Bungee Jumping” March 2, 2010 Bungee Jumping and Bug Adventures from New Zealand
Walking on Lava
AMC boycotting Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland
Crazy British Soldiers from the 60s on LSD
GM To Shut Down Hummer for Good
The Most Adorable Little Voltron Girl Ever
Canada’s Lovely Female Hockey Team
245 “Full On Out of Our Asses” March 9, 2010 Forget the iPad! Check Out the Future of Apple
Some Rad Japanese Ghost Towns
Why Buckling Up is So Important
How to Smuggle Cocaine
Nickelback vs. The pickle
246 “Crowd Surfing Live from Austin!” March 16, 2010 Coming to you live-ish from SXSW 2010!
Foursquare vs. Gowalla
Breast Cheese: A Good Source of Protein
A First Look at the Microsoft Courier
Pringles Gets Desperate with Their New Flavors
How to Purchase Your Very Own Jetpack
Robert Rodriguez Predator from
Leo Laporte’s Live Streaming Crowd Surfing
247 “In The Hotel Lobby” March 25, 2010 Ebert Lost His Jaw to Cancer, But Not His Last Words
Mosquito Dies Mid-Flight Laser By
World’s Oldest Single Malt Scotch Whiskey
Everything is Our Light Touches USA [Pic]
Live Conan Show Confirmed!
248 “Kevin’s Date from Hell” March 30, 2010 WePad: The 11 “Android-Based iPad Killer
Japanese Researchers Turn Into Flying Vaccinators Mosquitoes
8 Psychotic Ex-Girlfriends You Do not Want
Why Cisco’s New Router Could Mean Trouble For Hollywood
Mike Tyson Pigeon Racing Show Ruffles PETA’s Feathers
249 F * ck Google Analytics April 6, 2010 Apple Banning Screen Protectors in Retail Stores
No, THIS is What You Need a Quad-Core CPUs For [Pic]
Official Google Blog: A New Approach to China
Lion King Toy Fail [Video]
F * ck Analytics [Pic]
Why Does a More than a Big Mac?
250 Back from the Future April 13, 2010 Apple iPad Released!
Man Arrested at LHC Claims He’s From The Future
Update from Jay Adelson is Digg
Google Shows How HTML5 Can Run Quake II in the browser
Apple Presents the iPhone OS 4 Event on April 8
251 Jimmy Fallon Visits from the Future April 20, 2010 Newborn is Given Xenon Gas For Brain Trauma
Porn Virus has Publishes History of ict Victims
Narrated Apollo 11 Ultra Slow Motion HD Launch
252 When iPads Fly from the HQ Windows Squarespace April 27, 2010 Opera Mini Web Browser is Approved for the App Store!
KFC’s Double Down Ups Ante on ‘Food Porn’
6 Million Resident SimCity: No Cheating
The Most Expensive iPad Stand Ever
253 Flash Wars May 4, 2010 HP Buys Palm; Kevin Drops the iPhone!
Google Confirms Android 2.2 Will Support Flash
Slave Leia Car Wash!
Fox News Calls Mr. Rogers “An Evil, Evil Man”
The Art Of The Accidental Penis [Pics]
254 The Great Food Debate May 11, 2010 This is Apple’s Next iPhone
Sprint Employees Fired for Helping Old Mall Cop Nab Thief
Top Extinct Ben & Jerry’s Flavors We Miss Most!
Behind The Shady World of Marketing Junk Food to Kids
PC Gaming is Doomed
255 The Pushup Showdown May 18, 2010 Android Outsells iPhone in the US
Cat Attacks Babysitter
Sniper Sets World Distance Record With 8,120 Foot Kill
Just 2 Fingers [Gif]
256 The Scoop on Facebook May 25, 2010 Spider-Man in RL: This Guy’s Parkour Skills Are Insane!
Top 10 Reasons Why YOU Should Quit Facebook
California Collects $ 100,000,000 in Marijuana Sales Tax
Who Knew A Merry-Go-Round Could Be So Dangerous?
Holy Sh **, Chome is Fast!
257 The Future of Television. Whoa June 1, 2010 Michael Bay’s Revenge: NO MEGAN FOX for Transformers 3!
Google TV is Here. WHOA.
Ninjas Rescue Student From Muggers
LifeLock CEO ‘s Identity Stolen 13 Times
9 Worst Beers in America [Pics]
258 Cats, Sexy CPR, and Quantum Teleportation June 8, 2010 Super Sexy Way To Learn CPR
Quantum Teleportation Achieved Over 10 Miles of Free Space
Bill Gates Steve Jobs About the iPad First
Worlds WORST Inventions!
Awesome: People Getting Shot in the Face With Cupcakes in Slo-Mo
259 IPhone 4 & Diggnation the Aphrodisiac June 15, 2010 Goonies Never Say Die! Happy 25th Birthday!
Mr. T Puts the A-Team Remake we’ve Blast “Too Violent”
6 Japanese Subcultures That Are Insane (Even For Japan)
He Kids Ruined This Life [Pic]
All About the iPhone4!
260 How Would You Propose? June 22, 2010 Chinese Concept: The Train That Never Stops [Video]
The Death of Beer
Girlfriend Killed By Lightning Minutes Before Proposal
New Adidas Commercial Combines Snoop Dogg & Star Wars
Dad Tazes Daughter’s Friend For Sending Penis Text
261 Live From Revision3’s 5 Years Birthday Party! June 29, 2010 Steve Jobs Responds to iPhone4 Reception Issues: You’re Holding it Wrong
Plan to Burn 5,525 lbs of Weed Ignites Activists
New Controller From E3 You WISH You Had!
NPH Confirmed for Harold & Kumar 3!
NSFW: Russian Tire Commercial Makes You Want Rubbers
262 I Did not Say I Pirated It, But Let’s Just Say It’s Awesome July 6, 2010 New Xbox 360 Shut Down To Prevent Red Ring of Death
Beer: The Healthiest Alcohol?
Still Hot? Models Pose With NO Makeup!
10 Celebs Who
Look Like Cartoon Characters
263 An Ode to Beer July 13, 2010 While Kevin rests his lower lobe, Alex has put together his favorite booze-chugging and never before seen footage from drunk Diggnations past!
264 Favorite Moments in Diggnation History July 20, 2010 Still slowly recovering, this week Kevin and Alex have put together their favorite moments in Diggnation history!
265 Live at the House of Blues San Diego from Comic Con 2010! July 27, 2010 How a 15 Year Old Kid Tricked Apple
Toshiba Smart Pad Tablet Shows Off Prototype
Awesome Roller Coaster Prank Photos (Mildly NSFW)
Live from Apple’s iPhone4 Press Conference
Busted! 50 Pics of Guys Caught Eyeing Boobs
266 Paid Subscription News & Growing Breasts August 3, 2010 Time Loses 90% of Online Readership
Teen Trades up on Craigslist from Phone to Porsche [Video]
World’s First Pirate ISP Launches in Sweden
40 Ton Whale Lands we Yacht During Cape Town Trip
Women’s Breasts are Larger than Ever!
267 Best Keyboard Ever August 10, 2010 BlindType: The Last Will Ever Need Keyboard Anyone EVER
Starcraft II: The Fastest Selling Strategy Game Ever
iPad May Drop to Force Amazon Kindle Price to $ 149
Porsche 918 Spyder Gets Official Green Light Production
Dog Raves His Face Off
268 Let the Bodies Hit the Floor August 17, 2010 Guy Plays Super Mario Bros. On Violin
Business on Top; Party on the Sides: Epic Almost-Mullet
Jailbroken iPhone4: It Has Happened
Televangelist Cures With Jesus Jacket
fflick Turns Twitter Into A Crowdsourced Movie Critic
269 Cryogenics and Hating Justin Bieber August 24, 2010 Nikon D3100: The First DSLR with Real Video Autofocus
How a 16 Year Old Kid Made His First Million
Cannon Fires and Destroys
Facebook Adds ‘Places’
What Happens When You Slow Justin Bieber By 800%
270 I Fuc * ing Love Cocaine! August 31, 2010 Ordering an Ice Cream Cone in Istanbul is Super Annoying
Apple’s App Tsar Sells Own Fart, Urine Apps
iPhone 4 with DSLR Lens!
“IF * cking Love Cocaine”
271 Kevin Dishes The Dirt on Digg v4 September 7, 2010 Kevin Talks Digg v4
1 Million Calls Placed from Gmail in 24 Hours
Badass Dancing Brazilian Baby
Cannibal Restaurant in Germany
Badass Electric Moped
272 A White Board Epiphany September 14, 2010 Idea Paint: Make Any Surface Dry-Erase!
Chatroulette Stripper Turns Into She-Demon
Sort Important Emails with Gmail Priority Inbox
Awesome Denon 100 Turntable!
10 Hottest Actresses Blazing Up
273 The Old TV Debate September 21, 2010 Quotes: Paris Hiltons Twitter, Shortly After Being Arrested for Cocaine Possession
New Solar System Discovered
Texas Invented Deep-Fried Beer
Roku Price Cuts Ahead of Possible $ 99 Apple TV Upgrade
Borders Cuts E-Reader Prices as Kindle Goes to Staples
274 Las Vegas and the Band of Buds September 28, 2010 Intel Wants to Charge $ 50 to Unlock Stuff Your CPU Already Does
Of Course Steve Jobs Ninja Stars
Soul Crushing Cubicles
Incredible Star Wars Propaganda Posters
Video Games Make You Better at Life
275 Tesla Coils, Legos, a Cat and an AK-47 October 5, 2010 DTV Shredder
Hollywood’s Racism Exposed by Lego
This Cat Does Not Give a%
Accidentally Shoots Dad’s AK-47 Indoors
ArcAttack performs a Tesla Coil version of Iron Man
276 The Vortex of Beer Chugging and the Future of Diggnation October 12, 2010 30 Awe-Inspiring Outdoor Bonsai Plants
Awesome Girlfriend Creates Star Wars Pillow Case
Audi Gets Socially Smart – Gives Kevin Rose an R8 V10 For a Week
Top 10 Beers for Fall
10 Worst WWF Outfits of the ’90s
277 Watch Diggnation in HDR Video October 19, 2010 Iron Man Exoskeleton Kicks Ass
Smile Man [Video]
15 Hottest Actresses Busted With Hard Nips
Wife Caught Sex Tongue Up Dog
Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport [Video]
278 Do not You Dare Cheat on This Podcast! October 26, 2010 World’s Smallest and Cutest Animals
If Only I Was Rich Enough
If You Do This In An Email, I Hate You
Facebook Now Allows You To Download Your Information
Girl Has Orgasm is Roller Coaster
279 Layoffs! November 2, 2010 Google to Test Internet 1GB at Stanford
Digg to Layoff 37% of Staff, Product Refocus Imminent
Do Intelligent People Drink More Alcohol?
Japan’s DeNA Targets $ 403 Million Deal for Ngmoco
Myspace Seeks Mojo with Redesign & New Features
280 Two Douchebags with 40s Taped to Their Hands November 9, 2010 Russian Idiots Set Off Fireworks In Bathtub
Student Hides Rick Astley’s Song In College Paper
Apple Reveals OS X 10.7 With New Features
New World Skateboarding Speed ​​Record of 80 MPH
The Most Disgusting iPhone Charger Ever
281 Live Crab Vending Machines & Raw Tobacco Drinks November 17, 2010 Live Crab Vending Machine
Hackers Break Microsoft’s Kinect Security
Tobacco Leaves Popping Up on Lafitte’s Menu
Use High-Speed Rail
Best Batman Costume Ever
282 Stories of Viruses and Conception November 24, 2010 Gives
Security Firm Blasts Microsoft for Free Antivirus Offer
How is Story Buried?
Google Shuts Off Data Feed to Facebook
283 Digg it’s 6th Annual Holiday Clip Show December 1, 2010 It’s that time of year again! Time to gather round, grab a cold 40 and enjoy the 2010 Holiday Clip Show!
284 Alex’s Commando Crawl December 8, 2010 Windows 7 Phone Gets Jailbroken
Strongest Kid You’ve Ever Seen
Who Would Use The Google Chrome Operating System?
Firefox 4 Gets Much, Much Faster
Netflix Continues to Cut Important Indie Deals
285 What Your Phone Says About You December 14, 2010 The Onion’s First TV Series Trailer
12 Things You’ll Wish You’d Never Seen Under a Microscope
Kid Sees Dark Side of the Internet for the First Time
What Your Phone Says About You
Build 15 Story Building in Just 6 Days
286 WikiLeaks UFO Files & A Billionaire’s Dilemma December 21, 2010 Amelia Earhart’s Finger Bone Recovered?
NSFW: Hot, Sexy & Raunchy German Sprite Commercial!
WikiLeaks: New Diplomatic Cables Contain UFO Details Says Julian Assange
Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Agrees to Donate
Cr-48: First Chrome OS Laptop
287 Time Travel, Antimatter, and 43 Megatons of TNT December 28, 2010 Kittehs Playing Patty Cake with Hilarious Voice Over
Antimatter Trapped For The First Time
My How You’ve Grown, Hermione!
10 Best Chrome OS Extensions
Historians Discover Tiny Numbers and Letters in the Eyes of the Mona Lisa

2011 Episodes

# title Release Date Stories
288 “Faster Than A Speeding Bullet” Tuesday, January 4, 2011 MPAA to Universities: Curb Piracy or Lose Federal Funding
What Can $ 150k Buy in Real Estate Around the World?
Giants-Vikings Moved to Ford Field
14 Rarest and Weirdest Mammal Species Named [Photos]
Navy’s Mach 7 Gun Can Kill From 100 Miles Away

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