Diggnation was Revision3’s flagship video podcast produced weekly. It was hosted by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht , Who HAD Previously hosted TechTV ‘s The Screen Saverstogether. Its main purpose was to discuss some of the top stories from Digg , the social news and bookmarking website developed by Rose and others. The first episode “aired” online on July 1, 2005. The Rose and Albrecht reviewing beverages, mostly beer, but occasionally tea, coffee, hard liquors like Vodka or Whiskey at the opening of the show, which they Consumed throughout the show, David Glenn McElhose and David Glenn McClelland. Both audio and video versions of the podcast are available from Revision3 for streaming or downloading in various formats.

The intro sequence was created by Eden Soto in collaboration with David Prager . It was in development for more than three months, according to Eden Soto’s website.

A spin-off show, The Digg Reel ran from January 2008 to September 2010, and was originally hosted by Jessica Corbin , followed by Andrew Bancroft . Digg this! Digg this Post! Both were produced by Revision3.

On October 3, 2011 David Prager announced the show would end with its 340th episode at the end of 2011. [1] Occasional Reunion Live Shows might happen in the future. [2]


Main article: List of Diggnation episodes
Kevin drops his cat after spilling beer on his couch during the first minutes of episode # 123.

(Bose’s Noise Enhancing Headphones, “Days of our Pragers”, Cougars: Aged to Perfection, etc.). After the title video, the hosts introduce themselves, tell the viewers where they are filming from, make any subsequent announcements, and discuss the drinks they will have during the episode. The beer tasting and beverage aspect of Digging is one of the show’s unique aspects. The majority of the episode is a personal commentary, anecdotes and unrelated banter. The show is humorous, sometimes due to considerable poisoning. At the end of the show, Pink and Albrecht are the only ones who have ever had the opportunity to be a part of the family. Starting with more recent episodes, larger Digg stories (typically the weeks big news) are discussed after the ads, but before the emails. This is keeping in line with most other Revision3 shows.


Diggnations live show in San Jose as part of NVISION 08.

Diggnation episodes were released weekly on Wednesdays at 6 PM (EST). Previously, the show was released on Friday at 12:01 for everyone. There were 250,000 regular subscribers to the show during its peak. [3] BitGravity handles iTunes and TiVo subscribers, downloads from the website, and RSS feeds. Virgin Americaairlines also offers on-demand episodes available along with other Revision3 shows. Repeats, edited for content, time and profanity, are also seen on the cable network Youtoo TV as part of Revision3’s contract with that network.

Diggnation occasionally hosted live shows. These shows have been hosted at CES , SXSW , Reno , Macworld , San Francisco , E3 , San Diego , Hollywood , London , St. Louis , Amsterdam , San Francisco , Tokyo , Los Angeles , and New York City . The final live show Diggnation Was the final Held on December 30, 2011 at The Music Box in Hollywood, CA . [4]

Name origin

David Diggers Digg. Rose decided on the simpler Digg instead. Pink subsequently thing Diggnation as the name of the podcast.


Kevin and Alex, a few “third-chair” guests were invited on the program:

  • Episodes 185 + 251 : Jimmy Fallon from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
  • Episode 220 : Adam Savage from MythBusters
  • Episode 231 : John Hodgman

In addition, though not officiellement Invited to join in on stories, other guests included To Catch A Predator’s Chris Hansen , Adam Carolla , Ashton Kutcher , WWE Diva and Go Daddy Girl Candice Michelle , Gary Vaynerchuk , Rachel Maddow , Leo Laporte , director Robert Rodriguez And Tony Hawk .


  • 2006: Podcast Award for best technology podcast.
  • 2007: Best in 2007 Podcast from iTunes.
  • 2008: People’s Voice for the Technology in Online Film and Video at the Webby Awards .
  • 2009: Streamy Award for Best Hosted Web Series (nomination)
  • 2010: Streamy Award for Best Hosted Web Series (won) [5]


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