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Netflix and chill is an English-language general term using an invitation to watch Netflix together as a euphemism for sex , either between partners or casually as a ” booty call”. Since icts Recorded first, non-sexual use in a tweet posted in 2009, [1] [2] the term has Gained popularity dans le Twitter community and social media other sites Such As Facebook and Vine . By 2015, Netflix and chill had become an internet meme , with its use in teenage social media described as “sexual” by Fusion . [1] Much like selfie , use of the term has now spread beyond the internet and into general common use. Talking to Noisey , singer Zara Larsson , aka ” Girls Like “. [3]



The first recorded use of the phrase “Netflix and chill” was in a tweet posted by “NoFaceNina” in January 2009. [1] [2] Early use of the phrase was without sexual connotations, referring simply to the act of watching the online Streaming service, typically by oneself. [4] By 2013, Netflix’s popularity in the US had risen greatly, having accumulated millions of paid subscribers, as a standalone compound compound noun .

The euphemistic kind of the sentence is Believed to-have-been Established in mid-2014, [4] and by the end of the year HAD Spread Throughout The African American Black Twitter community, as seen by typing Many now chill Within scare quotes . In April 2015, a definition of the phrase was added to Urban Dictionary stating that it meant “code for two people going to each other’s homes and doing sexual intercourse”. [1] [4] Soon, the term would spread beyond Black Twitter, becoming an internet meme , The Guardian [4] and the Daily Mirror . [5]

The 20 minutes into Netflix and chill, coupled with a reaction image suggesting the true ulterior motive. Citation needed ]


As the phrase entered into common lexicon, events, products, and services associated with the sentence-including condoms -started to emerge, and acknowledgment from Netflix itself appeared. [6]

In September 2015, a joke app in the style of Tinder had been created for users to organize “Netflix and chill” sessions. [6] At two separate universities, students planned “Netflix and chill” festivals, with one being canceled by authorities as they believed too many people would be in attendance. [7] During the World Maker in New York, Netflix unveiled a prototype for a large button called “The Switch”, which, when pressed, will dim the lights in the users’ residence, activate the “Do Not Disturb” feature Their cell phones, and prepare Netflix for streaming-eliminating most distractions from their activities. Netflix and chill button “.

In November 2015, the Netflix logo outside the company’s headquarters in Los Gatos, California HAD-been spray-painted to add the words “and chill.” [9]

In December 2015 Ariana Grande released the holiday Christmas & Chill , its title a seasonal variation on “Netflix and chill”. [10]

In January 2016, artist Tom Galle and company ART404 created a “Netflix & Chill Room” in New York City for rent on Airbnb . [11]

In early February 2016, Netflix released the results of a survey on how users use their services, described as “netflix and chill study”. [12] The results were accompanied with a series of social media posts with the hashtag “#DatingWithNetflix” promoting the idea of ​​a positive impact for couples using the service. [13]

In June 2016, singer songwriter Danah released a song titled “Netflix and Chill” on SoundCloud . The track was produced by Wippy Lion , a member of Australian pop group Justice Crew . The song is a tongue-in-cheek representation of the term’s use in popular culture. [14]

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