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World of Winx is an Italian television series and a spin-off to Winx Club . The series was created by Iginio Straffi . [1] Twenty-six episodes have been produced in two seasons, the first of which was premiered as a Netflix original series on 4 November 2016.


In this spinoff series, the Winx Club girls return to Gardenia, Bloom’s hometown on Earth, where they work as a group of talent scouts on a reality television program to find children and teenagers of various talents. Behind the scenes, they try to save them from being kidnapped by a Talent Thief while hiding their own identities as fairies as well as their unique magical abilities. In the first season, the Winx Club girls achieve the magical transformation, which is called “Dreamix” by Stella.

In the second season, the Winx Club girls receive new missions from the spirit of the dream world. They learn of the Queen’s troubled past and hope to return her to the good fairy she was once by reuniting her with her lost love, Peter Pan. Their transformations and powers are upgraded to “Onyrix”. Jim and Smee at first ally with the Winx Club girls in facing the Queen and her shadow creatures. The winx must also deal with special shadow creatures called Nemesis which are drawn from the essence of each of the Winx girls’ deepest fears.


Winx Club characters

Further information: List of Winx Club characters

The series brings back the six fairies of the Winx Club, as well as Roxy, who has a recurring role:

  • Bloom (voiced by Haven Paschall): Fairy of the Dragon Fire and leader of the Winx Club. She has orange waist-length hair, light blue eyes and tan skin. Her magic is based on fire.
  • Aisha (voiced by Alysha Deslorieux): Fairy of Waves. She has light brown skin, wavy tawny hair and blue eyes. She has the power to create and manipulate water.
  • Stella (voiced by Jessica Paquet ): Fairy of the Shining Sun. She has waist-length blonde hair and hazel brown eyes. She loves fashion and shopping. Her magic is derived from sunlight. In season 2, her Onyrix power gives her the ability to look into the memories made at a location.
  • Flora (voiced by Eileen Stevens ): Fairy of Nature. The most kind-hearted of the Winx Club. She has waist-length honey-colored hair. Her magic allows her to create, control and communicate with plants, vegetation and the earth.
  • Musa (voiced by Kate Bristol ): Fairy of Music. She has waist-length blue hair with bangs and tan skin. She has the power to create powerful ultrasonic waves of incredibly high frequencies and create solid barriers of sound.
  • Tecna (voiced by Saskia Maarleveld): Fairy of Technology. Her magic is techno-magic. She can speak to and interact with all types of machinery and electronics. Her hair is colored purple instead of hot pink in this series.
  • Roxy (voiced by Suzy Myers): Fairy of Animals who is also from Earth. She works at the Frutti Music Bar cafe. She has a dog named Arthur, with whom she can use her magic to see what he sees from a great distance. She can also detect danger, as well as supernatural artifacts. She helps Bloom in dealing with Detectives Gomez and Evans, and following leads on the Talent Thief.

Major characters

  • Ace (voiced by Jason Griffith ): the host of Wow! He has gray hair with white streaks. He always strives to be positive and enthusiastic when he is on camera, but off-screen, he loses patience because the Winx regularly disappears from the show and evade his show’s camera drones . He is especially annoyed by Bloom. In the episode “The Fashion Week”, when she accidentally knocks off her hairpiece in front of the camera, he is so enraged that he fires Bloom on the spot, and replaces her with Lorelei. He is later hypnotized by Smee to put the Winx in a dangerous situation with Smee’s zombie pirates, firing Lorelei when she tries to tell him the Winx are fairies, and reinstating Bloom. Ep. 10
  • Margot (voiced by Samara Naeymi): a judge on the Wow! show. She dislikes all of the acts and always votes against them. She has a dog named Puff who sits on her lap.
  • Cliff (voiced by Billy Bob Thompson): a judge on the Wow! show. He tends to be optimistic and votes towards retaining the talent prospects for the finals.
  • Queen (voiced by Brittany Pressley): A fairy from the world of dreams. In season 1, she manipulates the shadow creatures to kidnap young people from Earth in order to steal their talents. After abducting upcoming singer Annabelle, she adopts Annabelle’s voice. In the season 1 final, she steals Bloom’s powers to fight the other Winx but is defeated. It is then revealed that she is Tinkerbell from the Peter Pan stories, and that Peter Pan had left her to go to Earth. In the second season, she summons shadow creatures called nemesis based on the darkness of each of the fairies.
  • Smee (voiced by Billy Bob Thompson): He first appeared in Episode 10, “Dangerous Waters” as an assistant to the Wow! Show, but he uses his powers to hypnotize ace, as well as control an army of zombie pirates. At the end of season 1, it is revealed he is Mr. Smee from Peter Pan and that he has sided with Captain Hook once again.
  • Jim (voiced by Marc Thompson ): An elusive man with dark purple hair, who Bloom and Roxy tried to chase down at the start of the series, suspected of being Annabelle’s abductor. He has the ability to turn invisible. In the first season, he escapes Annabelle’s apartment but drops his pocket watch. Ep. 7-8 He later works with Bloom to try to rescue Annabelle. At the end of season 1, it is revealed he is Captain Hook from Peter Pan, and that he was made young by the Queen (Tinkerbell) ‘s magic. He intends to take over Neverland.
  • Gomez (voiced by Wayne Grayson ): An undercover police detective who works with Evans on the case of Annabelle’s abduction. They frequently find ways to spy on the Winx Club. He likes to be casually friendly towards his partner, often thinking of their adventures like dating situations, but does not understand why Evans and women detectives in general are so serious.
  • Evans (voiced by Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld ): An undercover police detective who investigates the Winx for the abduction of Annabelle. She is fairly serious, and gets annoyed about Gomez’s casual attitude and incompetence.
  • Matt (voiced by Abe Goldfarb ) is the only child and son of Peter Pan. The Winx Club is looking to find him so he can lead them to his long-lost father. He has curly brown hair, and originally lived in London with Wendy Darling and Peter until Peter left. He lives in Paris. Later found by Musa’s sound magic, he was teleported to the dream world, where he put the Queen in the forest and expressed his enduring love for her. Episode needed ]
  • Venomya (voiced by Lisa Flanagan ): A critic that dislikes the musical performances put together by the Winx Club, and tries to write bad reviews. She first appears in season 2 where she has long blond hair.

Supporting characters

  • Annabelle : a waitress who is recruited as a talent prospect for the Wow! show. She has a beautiful singing voice. Her abduction becomes the main storyline in the first season. In the first two episodes of Season 2, she joins the Winx during their performance in London, New York City, and Paris along with her friend Louise. Her hair is now shoulder-length and has some lines on it.
  • Crocodile Man : a servant of the Queen who is an anthropomorphic crocodile. He first appears in the New York City episodes, but later returns to the Queen summons him to go after Jim and the Winx. He is based on the crocodile in the Peter Pan stories.
  • Lorelei : a blond-haired girl who joins the Winx on the Wow! Show as a talent scout when Bloom is fired. She likes to be the center of attention. She and Stella do not get along. Episode 7 In the episode “Dangerous Waters”, when she discovers that the Winx are fairies, she tries to tell Ace and the Wow! Show but is laughed off and fired.
  • The Shaman : a martial artist who works for the Queen to kidnap talent prospects. He uses a set of stones that give him special powers, including allowing him to disappear into a puff of smoke.
  • The Spirit of the World of Dreams She is the spiritual manifestation of the world of dreams itself. She summons the Winx Club and her daughter was in danger.


In September 2014, as part of its efforts to increase kids’ programming, it was announced that Netflix had ordered from Rainbow Studios two seasons of World of Winx , each comprising 13 22-minute episodes. [2] [2] [2] [2] [2] [2] [2] [2] [2] [2] [2] [2] The Young and the Restless Netflix at the time has had a pact with Rainbow to show some of the seasons of Winx Club , its movies, and other Rainbow shows such as PopPixie and Mia and Me . [2]

Originally slated to premiere in early 2016, [2] the series was delayed until later that year, eventually premiering in November 4 as a Netflix original series. [4] [5] [6] Rainbow promoted the show briefly at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas in 2016, along with shows Regal Academy and Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends . At the event, it was revealed that the storyline involved a Talent Thief who had been capturing children. [7] The second season was released on Netflix on 16 June 2017. [8]


Season 1 (2016)

No. in
title Original release date
1 1 “The Talent Thief” 4 November 2016
The winx chase down a guy who was seen in one of the latest kidnappings of a talented prospect, but the guy disappears. The Winx Then Participate in the reality TV show Wow! In which they act as scouts hoping to audition the next great act. They discover a girl named Annabelle, who works at a cupcake shop and has a pleasant singing voice. To recruit her for the show, the Winx help her boss Louise with making and serving the cupcakes. Annabelle performs in front of the judges and the audience. Suddenly the power is cut, and Annabelle has gone missing.
2 2 “New Powers” 4 November 2016
Annabelle in a forest. When they are called by Wow! To find another talent, the Winx split into two groups: Bloom, Flora and Tecna pretend to be sick so they can search for Annabelle, while Stella and Aisha have Musa dress up their upcoming talent for their Wow! episode. At the Fruiti Music Bar, Evans and Gomez interview Roxy about Annabelle and she warns the Winx. They regroup at the club dressing room that showcased Annabelle, and discover one of her earrings. But a mysterious portal transports them to where Annabelle is and they learn that they have a new fairy transformation called Dreamix. Although they fight off some local monster spirits,
3 3 “The Legend of the Crocodile Man” 4 November 2016
The Winx’s next appearance on Wow! is interrupted by a postponement from New York City in a qui monster crocodile (Crocodile Man) has-been spotted near on a boat. The Mankind to find Naoki, who tries to escape from the girls but then finds himself being pursued by Crocodile Man. The Winx save Naoki and reveal to him that they are fairies.
4 4 “The Monster Under the City” 4 November 2016
The Crocodile Man. They and Naoki try to capture Crocodile Man, but the latter proves to be very strong and elusive. The Winx discover that Crocodile Man is more interested in going after the watch than Naoki. Although Crocodile Man gets the look and escapes through a portal, Tecna has a tracker inside that watch and they learn that Crocodile Man has escaped into the world of dreams.
5 5 “Stylist Wanted” 4 November 2016
Bloom contacts Annabelle and learns that she had found a similar pocket watch dropped by a guy who had broken into her apartment and then escaped. The Winx head to Paris to recruit a fashion design student named Sophie. Sophie Stella’s style, so Stella suggests they have a contest to see who has the best style. During the contest, Stella encourages Sophie to design the dress of her dreams. Sophie is invited to have the Winx model her new design at a show. Crocodile Man kidnaps Sophie. Although they defeat Crocodile Man and rescue Sophie, they discover she is acting differently and Bloom gets a vision that the real Sophie is trapped in the world of dreams.
6 6 “The Fashion Week” 4 November 2016
The Winx sneak into an exclusive fashion weekend to look for the Sophie imposter. Bloom discovers the imposter is a shadow creature, but accidentally falls onto the party’s cake, causing much embarrassment. Nadine to try to become a model. Nadine is invited by the fake Sophie to model, but the Winx confront Sophie and a bodyguard at the Eiffel Tower . As punishment for ditching the show, Ace has the Winx girls perform some activities that are not within their natural talents. Although Bloom surprises everyone with her singing, she accidentally knocks Ace’s hairpiece off; Ace has had enough of Bloom’s shenanigans and fires her.
7 7 “The Chef Contest” 4 November 2016
Ace sends a new girl named Lorelei to replace Bloom as a talented scout on the show. The winx find their next talent prospect, an apprentice chef named Vincenzo who has been trying to make his own creations. Tony or anyone else for advice. Tony to make the right kind of food that he has been dreaming of. Meanwhile, Bloom makes her way to Annabelle’s Evans is tailing her so she hides from her. Evans eventually finds Bloom and brings her in for questioning.
8 8 “The Shaman” 4 November 2016
Detective Evans interviews Bloom is looking for. Blood tries to shake off Evans and Gomez with the help of Roxy and her dog Arthur while the other five Winx have to bring along Lorelei on the Winxmobile. Their next talent is in Beijing : a kung-fu martial artist named Yu, but she has to face the Shaman in the finals. During the battle, Yu is kidnapped by the Shaman.
9 9 “Shattered Dreams” 4 November 2016
The Winx captures the Shaman, and learns that his master has been controlling the portals to kidnap the talent prospects. However, when Lorelei wants their attention, the Shaman escapes. The winx head to Londonto find their next prospect: a girl named Madelyn who has been groomed to become a pianist but does not enjoy it. While some of the girls take care of Madelyn’s family pugs, the others try to encourage her to follow her real dream. After some Sherlock Holmes -Looking, they find Madelyn in her tree-house and that she really wants to play rock music on an electric guitar.
10 10 “Dangerous Waters” 4 November 2016
The Winx head to Santa Monica Pier on the direction of Lorelei’s determination to lead the show. A new assistant (Smee) hypnotizes Ace in putting the girls in a parasurfing challenge with a group of guys called the Sharks. Lorelei tries to follow her boat breaks down and she is attacked by sharks (actually mind-controlled by Smee). To make things worse, the guy Sharks are actually zombie pirates. Although the Winx defeat the pirates, Lorelei discovers they are fairies and tries to tell Ace. However, Ace and the audience laugh at her, and Ace fires her from Wow! Meanwhile, Bloom and Roxy track down Evans and Gomez when Jim snatches the pocket-watch from them. They pursue Jim and recover the watch, but find it is broken.
11 11 “Shadows on the Snow” 4 November 2016
Jim offers Bloom and Roxy a chance to get the repaired pocket watch. Bloom accepts and goes with him to Switzerland to find the Watchmaker, despite Roxy’s reservations. Evans and Gomez follow them. Meanwhile the other A girl named Silke who is trying to win a snowboard jumping competition. But they discover Silke has no competition-level talent for snowboarding.
12 12 “The Watchmaker” 4 November 2016
The Watchmaker refuses to see Bloom and Jim and locks himself in his home. Bloom and Jim fight Smee’s zombie pirates, but are captured and sent through the portal. The other Winx discover that Silke’s real talent is repairing mechanical watches and that she is the niece of the Watchmaker. They meet Evans and Gomez and find the pocket watch. After Silke disables the security system, the Watchmaker says he can not repair the watch as it is magical and runs counter-clockwise, but Silke is able to fix it.
13 13 “The Fall of the Queen” 4 November 2016
Bloom and Jim are brought to the Queen, who have masterminded the kidnappings of the kids and their talents for herself. The other Winx arrives but must navigate through the World of Dreams and battle the shadow creatures and the local plant life to get to the Queen, who is a formidable foe with her stolen abilities. Jim frees Bloom, who regains her power and together with the other Winx they defeat the Queen. They free the talent and make it back to the Wow! Final and Ace welcomes Bloom back. In the world of dreams, Smee swears loyalty to Jim who is revealed to be Captain Hook turned young by the Queen (Tinker Bell), and who intends on re-conquering Neverland.

Season 2 (2017)

No. in
title Original release date
14 1 “Neverland” 16 June 2017
In the inter-dimensional world of dreams, Jim and Smee continue to secretly conspire against the Queen while being stalked by shadow creatures. Back on Earth, Bloom, Tecna, and Flora, to try and keep a performance by Annabelle, Louise, and the other Winx girls from being sabotaged. They meet a woman named Venomya who is a music critic. After driving her away, the Winx are suddenly whisked away to the dream world where they are tasked to help the spirit of the world of dreams. They receive evolved powers called Onyrix. They help Jim and Smee against the shadow creatures. Jim explains the background of his situation: he is Captain Hook and the world of dreams is called Neverland. There was a hero named Peter Pan who left the world and the Queen (Tinkerbell) was so heartbroken she created a world of darkness. Wendy Darling , who now runs an orphanage in London. One of the shadow monsters absorbs some of Bloom’s essence, which Tinkerbell fashions into a dark creature called Vertigo.
15 2 “Peter Pan’s Son” 16 June 2017
After finishing their joint tour with Annabelle and Louise, the Winx look over Peter’s farewell letter to Wendy in which he asks her to look after their Matt Barrie. In London, they look for Matt at the place where he worked, but he was fired. Meanwhile, Bloom is haunted repeatedly by a woman named Vertigo. She is influenced to attack her friends, but she is able to break free from the illusion and defeats Vertigo by accepting and embracing the dark parts of her self. But Tinkerbell is net yet done, as she calls forth the evil projection of Musa: Banshee.
16 3 “The Alligator Man” 16 June 2017
The Spirit of the World of Dreams summons the Winx Club and tells them someone close to them is in imminent danger. The Winx split into two groups: Flora, Aisha and Tecna go to the dream world while Stella, Bloom and Musa continues searching for Matt. Flora, Aisha and Tecna Encounter and try to fight off the Crocodile Man who had been going after Jim and Smee. The Crocodile Man is not really attacking back but fleeing and then waiting for them to follow. They eventually learned that Alligator had been imprisoned. But when they try to free up, they discover the prison is actually a living magical creature which ends up absorbing them into its sticky goo. Meanwhile, Bloom, Stella and Musa determine that Jim ‘ S constellation map points to landmarks in Paris , so they head to the brightest landmark of the Cathedral of Notre Dame . Matt, but she is suddenly attacked by Banshee.
17 4 “Mermaids on Earth” 16 June 2017
Aisha uses her water magic to free herself, Flora, Tecna, Crocodile Man, and Alligator Man. They tell Jim of their quest to bring back the Queen’s light side as Tinker Bell by reuniting her with Peter Pan. Jim agrees, but has no knowledge of Pan’s whereabouts either. Back in Paris, Musa is still being attacked by her nemesis Banshee. When Bloom and Stella arrive to support her. Musa realizes that the harmonious chimes of the bells of Our Lady weaken Banshee, and she rings the bells to defeat Banshee. The Spirit of the World of Dreams The Summons of the Worms and Enchanted by the Queen and have headed to Earth. The mermaids were found in Paris and have the ability to charm people.
18 5 “Fashion School Thrills” 16 June 2017
The Winx split up again on two missions. Stella, Tecna and Aisha track down Matt to the fashion school, while Bloom, Flora and Musa try to free Hook’s pirates from the shadow creature’s traps. At the fashion school, Stella encounters her nemesis, Obscura, who traps her in a world of isolation and has her re-live her innermost fears of being alone and verbally bullied by everyone.
19 6 “The Girl in the Stars” 16 June 2017
Bloom, Flora and Musa continue to battle the shadow creatures that have been holding Jim’s pirate crew. Flora uses her plant powers to overwhelm the Queen’s control of the area and the three Winx fairies then combine powers to free the pirates. Stella, Aisha and Tecna chase Matt’s hooded abductor all over Paris. They are joined by the other Winx and the pirates, the last group at first. When they tell Matt about their mission, Matt is suddenly teleported away.
20 7 “A Flower in the Snow” 16 June 2017
In the world of dreams, the Queen is approached by Matt, who recognizes her from the stars and that he had been searching for her whole life. Entranced by her beauty, he promises to find the loveliest of flowers as proof of his enduring love for her. Refusing to let her weakness get the better of her, the Queen calls Flora’s inner nemesis, using the non-living material of stone. Flora and Matt work together to defeat her nemesis by using her own dark magic against her. Matt thanks Flora for helping him and joining the Winx Club as a friend. However, Aisha refuses to have his “big ideas” around and storms off. From a distance, she is watched by one of the Queen’s shadow monsters.
21 8 “Tiger Lily” 16 June 2017
Despite Tiger Lily’s visions of a heroic Matt, Aisha struggles with his warrior training, which is soon put to the test by the Queen’s monsters.
22 9 “A Hero Will Come” 16 June 2017
After a battle with Aisha’s innermost nemesis, Sinka, the Winx Club manage to reunite Matt and Wendy and go undercover to look for Peter Pan’s mystical sword in the home of an art collector named Sebastian.
23 10 “Technomagic Trip” 16 June 2017
Tecna fights her inner nemesis, Virus, in the art vault. Armed with his father’s mystical sword, a transformed Matt joins the Winx Club and Jim in the world of dreams, ready to stand against the Queen.
24 11 “Jim’s Friends” 16 June 2017
As the Winx band deals with an onstage earthquake, Jim, Matt, and the pirate army try to beat the shadow monsters and breach the Queen’s wall.
25 12 “Old Friends and New Enemies” 16 June 2017
Faced with Jim’s betrayal, Matt tries to flee by boat, but is waylaid by the three mermaids. On Earth, the banished Winx Club fairies, along with Roxy, battle Jim’s pirate army.
26 13 “Tinker Bell is Back” 16 June 2017
In the season finale, the Winx club fight along side Matt and Tinkerbell to foil the plans of Jim, better known as captain hook. Finally seeing the light, Tinkerbell reverts to her pure form and Matt winx the mermaids onto the side of the Winx. Jim turns the tree of life into a ship and begins to fly to the world of nightmares to end all dreams forever. Luckily Smee ends up tackling Jim and moves the tree from damnation, unfortunately Jim falls from the ship and plummets into the portal of the world of nightmares – never to be seen again. Back on earth, the Winx’s double body are rocking the concert. Just as the real Winx are planning to take their place, Vermonya shines a light on the girls and reveals to the audience both Winx counterparts. In a turn of events, the chaos unfold live.


Ella Anders, a regular reviewer of magical girl-themed shows on BSC Kids , had low expectations on the series given that the most recent seasons of Winx Club were shells of their original, but said “So it was all that much stranger when I realized Just how good World of Winx actually is “. She liked that the series made the story meaningful. “Every moment counts, the story is a good one that is tightly woven together.” The humor and heart shines. She was very fond of the Winx girls and was “back to their old selves”. [5]

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