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Da Jammies is an American animated musical television series That first aired on August 31, 2016, and it airs Currently Netflix [1] created by Aulsondro “Novelist” Hamiltonand William “Dolla” Chapman II. From Homelessness, to Bullying, to Self-Awareness, to Obesity, Da Jammies cover some of the issues that the kids of today face. The underlying premise of the show is “unity” and “doing it together”. The series is filled with sing-along melodies with age-appropriate lyrics for the kids.

Da Jammies is executive-produced by Real Husbands of Hollywood Executive Producer Ralph Farquhar along with the creators Aulsondro “Novelist” Hamilton and William “Dolla” Chapman II. The series is directed by Emmy-nominated Tyree Dillihay [2] and Ron Myrick and also features some of today’s urban stars from Darius McCrary to Alisa Reyes , Dani Nicolet , Kurtis Blow , Buddy Lewis , Emcee NICE , William “Dolla” Chapman II aka DBI, Tiny Lister Jr. , Kel Mitchell , James Avery [3] .


Da Jammies are a group of kids who are looking forward to performing arts. The co-leader “Dolla” (William “Dolla” Chapman II) is known as the “quick tempered, rapping, dancer”, who believes that Da Jammies do not practice enough and seems to have a short fuse with his bandmates. ( Alisondro “Novelist” Hamilton ), “the peace keeping, rapping best friend”, which has always been a solution for the crews success. The rest of the members of Da Jammies are “Momo” ( Alisa Reyes ) the “one with the universe” ( Dani Nicolet ) the “Singing Diva” who believes in a bubbly personality, then theres a very unusual and unapologetic with out realizing it. Then there is “Seven” (Anderson Johnson Jr.) the “soulful crooner” that is alway trying to be helpful and has two loves in his life, “LaLa” and food.

Everyday Da Jammies, “Understanding,” “Understanding,” “Unity,” “Unity,” ” “The Battlebrats” “Mike Fresh” ( Kel Mitchell ) and “Smalls” (Shane Tsurugi) are constantly seeking ways out of “Da Jammies” and most time failing .

Cast and characters

Main cast

Character Voice Crew Description attribute
Dolla William “Dolla” Chapman II Co-Leader of Da Jammies Dolla, is the passion of Da Jammies, A fiery tempered rapper / break dancer. His musical heroes are Ludacris & Usher Rapper / Break Dancer
Novelist Alisondro “Novelist” Hamilton Co-Leader of Da Jammies Novelist is a high energy talented rapper. His musical heroes are Jay Z and Redman Rapper & The Peacekeeper
LaLa Dani Nicolet Da Jammies R & B is a supremely vain, talented and confident R & B singer who is completely into herself, in her world all about her. Her musical heroes are Rihanna, Brandy and Beyonce Singing Diva
Momo Alisa Reyes (Season 1) Marieve Herington (Season 2) Da Jammies Her creative heroes are Nikki Giovanni, Nina Simone and Tracey Chapman Singing Poet
Seven Anderson Johnson (Season 1) Da Jammies Soulful Singer

Secondary cast

  • Einny (voiced by Shane Tsurugi)

Einny is not only the resident genius with an IQ of 300, he is the king of gadgets. He thing to forgo college and remain a kid, he told his mother and father he knows he’s smart but that he wanted to grow up normal. He became friends with Da Jammies and started inventing things from rockets, to time traveling machine to space ships. You name it, and Einny can build it though it may have a few mechanical errors.

  • Principal Cransberry (voiced by Darius McCrary )

Cransberry is an extremely short, hungry money, jealous principal that exploits the kids talents for his own profitable gain. Whether it ‘s a part of all the proceeds of Jammy’ s and others’ making at the school to create side hustles. R & B singer that never made it past his first record. He knows the kids equal money, so he does everything he can to make a profit off of them.

  • Klondell (voiced by Buddy Lewis )

Klondell Klondell is one of the best places to stay in Klondell. Klondell is a young woman who loves to have sex with her.

Da Jammies Nemesis

The Battlebrats

  • Mike Fresh (voiced by Kel Mitchell )

Mike Fresh comes from an affluent family that allows him to get whatever he wants. Dolla which includes “Da Jammies”, which includes “The Dolls” and “The Dolls” .

  • Smalls (voiced by Shane Tsurugi)

The Rapping Japanese
Smalls, comes from an affluent family as well, that allows him to much get whatever he wants. He loves to rap and sometimes in Japanese and English. His dad is a well-to-do executive. Mike Fresh and Smalls are best friends who are constantly endangering themselves.

Additional characters

  • Covington – James Avery verification needed ]
  • Big Horace – Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister, Jr.
  • Shamus – Marcus T. Paulk
  • Kurtis Flow – Kurtis Blow
  • Crazy Craze – Jamal “JJ” Lewis
  • Lady Lark – Rebecca Shoichet
  • Angelique – Kyla Pratt
  • Love Man – Rodney Perry
  • The Magician – Dorien Wilson
  • 8’s Mother – Kym Whitley
  • Substitute Teacher – May May Ali
  • Little Horace – Jamal McCants
  • Irish / Jamaican / Pretty Girl – Malia Dawkins
  • LaLa’s Mother – Rena Andrews
  • Nurse Kelly – Riccarda Lacey
  • Novelist’s Mother – Sophia Santi
  • Big Daddy Candy Cane – Ulysses Braxton
  • Motor City J – Taylor Boggan


Image Award winner Eileen Mack Knight [4] was in charge of casting for Da Jammies ; her notable shows are The Proud Family , Just Jordan , The Bernie Mac Show, Martin , Wendy Wu and more.


Seasons Episodes US first air date US last air date Network
Da Jammies episodes (Season 1) [5] 1.1-1.4 and 1.6 August 31, 2015 Netflix
Seasons Episodes Canada first air date Canada last air date Network
Da Jammies episodes (Season 2) 1.1-1.5 and 1.13 TBA TBA
Episode title Synopsis Characters in episode
1.1 Mall in the Family[6] Da Jammies is a city in the heart of Washington, DC, the capital of the United States. The mall gets Motor City Jay and his mom kicked out of the mall. When Motor City Jay reveals that he and his mom have relocated to an amusement park, Da Jammies realize that he’s actually homeless. Da Jammies convince Principal Cransberry to Motor City Jay and his mom. Da Jammies, Motor City J, Principal Cransberry, LaLa’s Mother & Novelist Mother
1.2 3:10 [7] When Novelist finds himself challenged to an after school school by the school bully (Horace), he goes underground and discovers a whole new world of kids who have been hiding underground because of their fear of being bullied. Novelist finally confronts his fears and challenges to a duel which winds up being a freestyle rap battle on the MIC. Da Jammies, Big Horace, Little Horace, Shamus, Mike Fresh, Smalls, Einny, Klondell, Ms. Randall the Detention Teacher
1.3 Cello [8] Da Jammies discover that nothing in MoMo’s life is as it seems. Not only is she wealthy, she’s an incredible cello player. MoMo reveals that she is under pressure by her parents to perform a concert at which she is rehearsing with Da Jammies. Dolla abruptly fires MoMo from the group and holds auditions to replace her. DJ Jammies Ultimately decide to support MoMo who turns her Cello performance into a Hip-Hop Spoken Word declaration of who she really is. Da Jammies, Einny, Covington, Helicopter Security, Irish Girl, Jamaican Girl, The Pretty Girl
1.4 Old School[9] Main Cransberry announcements that the Ridgecrest School of the Performing Arts is having an Old School competition and the winner will star in their very own Badidas shoe commercial. The only problem is “Old School” is. The Crazy Craze, The Real Rosanne and Kurtis Flow. The Crazy Craze, The Real Rosanne and Kurtis Flow. Da Jammies learn from the true old school legends what the real old school is all about. Da Jammies, Principal Cransberry, Mike Fresh, Smalls, Einny, Big Daddy Candy Cane, Kurtis Flow, Crazy Craze and The Real Rosanne
1.5 Birds Tail Da Jammies The Seven Wonders of Seymour and the Seven Wonders of Seymour. Seven discovers that he actually understands the parrot’s squawking. Seven rescues Seymour from the circus after the parrot. When Seven brings Seymour into Dolla ‘s tree house, Seymour quickly stirs up tension between the members of the group by telling lies to Seven about the other Jammies. TBA
1.6 Will The Real Dolla[10] When Dolla joins the basketball team to impress the girl of his dreams (Angelique), he’s torn between playing in the basketball game and performing with Da Jammies. Einny bails Dolla out by creating a Dolla robot to perform with Da Jammies while he plays basketball to secure his sweetheart. Dolla is shocked when Angelique ditches the game to watch Da Jammies perform. Meanwhile, Da Jammies are thrilled to have Dolla (Dolla Robot) in the group, especially since they’re really nice to them-much nicer than the real Dolla. Dolla Robot is not only a robot, but also an actor. Da Jammies, Einny, Angelique, Robot Dolla
1.7 Da Fab Five Da Jammies go to Einny for help after they lose to the Battle Brats in pick-up game of basketball. Einny gives them some special basketball shoes that will help them jump higher and run faster. Seven mistakenly pushes a button on the back of the shoes that sends an electrical pulse through all of Da Jammies and suddenly they discover they have Super Powers. TBA
1.8 The Head Wizard Da Jammies are rehearsing a school production of “The Wizard of Oz.” Lala is playing the lead and she is in love with her. She is a very good guy. TBA
1.9 You’re In The Game Once again, Novelist and Dolla find themselves science fair partners. Novelist, however, fails to pull his weight because he has become hooked on the video game “Dodge It.” In fact, he plays it so much that he finds himself trapped inside the game. TBA
1.10 No Gut, No Glory! Sadie Hawkins Day Dance, where the girls chase the boy to take to the dance. Seven is excited because he plans to let Lala catch him. Lala telling Novelist she would never go out with a “big boy” he goes to Einny for help. Einny gives him a box of “No Gut” candy bars that transforms Seven to an irresistible ten. TBA
1.11 Love Song Da Jammies arch rivals, the Battle Brats, get a new lead singer who sings love songs propelling them to the most popular band at school. Da Jammies is the first album to be released. The only problem is they do not know anything about love. Desperate, Da Jammies go to Seven’s uncle, “The Love Man”, to teach them how to write love songs. TBA
1.12 Election Dolla, Novelist and Lark the cheerleader find themselves in a tie for school president and seven is the only undecided vote. TBA
1.13 OMG Principal Cransberry bans talking on cell phones, texting or emailing while students are at school forcing the Jammies to come up with a new way to communicate, that only kids can hear. TBA


Da Jammies received mixed favorably reviews at its debut. Forbes magazine called it “Fame” meets “Josie and The Pussycats”. [11] Soul Train deemed it a “First of its kind 3D animated series that combines hip-hop music, dance and fashion”. [12] The show received 3 out of 5 stars on Common Sense Media [13]

As of 2016, Da Jammies is streaming in 14 countries on Netflix [14] Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, India, Ireland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, UK and USA.


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