Legend Quest (2017 TV series)

Legend Quest (released in Latin America as Las Leyendas ) is a Mexican animated fantasy comedy-horror television series created for Netflix produced by Ánima Estudios . This is the streaming network’s first original animated series produced in Latin America . [1]

It premiered worldwide on Netflix on February 24, 2017. [1]


When the gifted teen Leo and his town in Mexico is attacked by otherworldly creatures, he is cast astray along with his friends Teodora, Don Andres and Alebrije. Together, with a little help from some allies from around the world, they’ll do anything they can to stop the evil overlord that plans to eradicate mankind from its history.


French version

  • Johnny Rose as Leonardo “Leo” San Juan-a teenage boy who has the ability to see and speak with ghosts. He lived in a village with his grandmother to encounter the evil forces that threaten to destroy the world. The Lion (Leo) would destroy the Serpent ( Quetzalcoatl ). “
  • Oscar Cheda as Don Andrés-an old Conquistador ghost who is one of Leo’s friends; He claims to have been a barber while he was still alive, and often makes the claim that this makes him qualified to discuss certain subjects. Despite being a ghost he often fears for his safety.
  • Annemarie Blanco as Teodora-a girl ghost who apparently comes from the future, rather than the 19th century setting of the series, as shown by her possession of more modern attire and a cell phone. It was later revealed that she was not actually dead, but was in a coma after an accident; a mysterious lady subsequently taught her the power of astral projection and her Advised That Leo Would need her help, prompting Teodora to send herself back through time. As a result of this, Teodora has some abilities that have normal capabilities, such as immunity to the power of Medusa and greater ability to manipulate physical objects. She came from ” La Leyenda del Chupacabras “.
  • Paul Tei as Alebrije-a strange creature of various colors which appears in different forms.
  • Cydney J. Fam as Marcella-a beautiful girl and Leo’s love interest; She is a member of the BBC. It is her mother Eventually Revealed That Was Indeed a sorceress, one goal Who refused to aid Baba Yaga and Nu Gui In Their Plans and THUS attacked This Was Injured and left gravely; Marcella later inadvertently gained powers from her mother after touching her comatose form. Leo’s village, Marcella took her to care for her mother.
  • Blanca Bassion as Baba Yaga -an evil witch who initially appeared in be in league with Quetzalcoatl but was later revealed to have been enslaved by him; She seeks freedom and vengeance on her “master.” She and her comrade Nu Gui attempted to persuade Marcella’s mother to join them in their plotting
  • Paul Tei as Friar Godofredo-a Friar who mentored Leo and later informs him of the existence of the Brotherhood, a noble organization dedicated to fighting evils such as Quetzalcoatl.
  • Al-Kesne Shaw as Quetzalcoatl -a legendary deity who is described as “a good mood”; He is the series’ antagonist and seeks to destroy the world so that he can remake it. Previously he did so for humanity’s benefit, but was then trapped in an alternate dimension, leading him to seek vengeance. He later tricks the heroes into attempting to destroy the Esfera, an egg containing the next Quetzalcoatl, in order to prevent his own demise.
  • Lissa Grossman as Abuelita-Leo’s grandmother.
  • Andrio Chaverra as Thomas Decatur-a New Jersey inventor who becomes one of Leo’s allies.
  • Gerald Owens as Fenrir -the legendary wolf of Norse mythology who seeks to bring about Ragnarok ; He is Quetzalcoatl’s ancient rival and seeks to destroy him. He is chained to the world tree. Yggdrasil and guards.
  • Owen Almeida as Akihito-a young Japanese nobleman who is heir to both the magical Sword of Dawn and leadership of the Brotherhood, a noble organization dedicated to thwarting mystical threats such as Quetzalcoatl. Akihito is a married woman who has been married to her husband. The sword permits Akihito to undergo a transformation similar to that of Ultraman, in which he dons a mystical follows of armor and grows to gigantic size.
  • Paula Barros as Nu Gui-a Chinese witch and member of Baba Yaga’s coven; She was once the daughter of an Emperor, but betrayed him in order to obtain immortality, though the process drove her mad. She is initially contemptuous of Yaga for siding with Quetzalcoatl, but later joins him in Baba Yaga’s place; However, like Yaga it is revealed that she serves unwillingly. Barros also provides the voices of Teodora’s Mom, Teodora’s cellphone, and Akihito’s overprotective Vizier.

Spanish version

  • Benny Emmanuel as Leonardo “Leo” San Juan
  • Mayté Cordeiro as Teodora
  • Andrés Couturier as Don Andrés
  • Ricardo O’Farrill as Alebrije


The series consists of 13 episodes, all of which were released on February 24, 2017. [1]

No. title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 “The Prophecy” José Alejandro García Muñoz & José Manuel Balanzario Pérez James Krieg & Ernie Altbacker February 24, 2017
Leo’s gift for seeing ghosts feels more like a curse. But when it comes down to it, it’s a good thing.
2 “Jersey Devil” Marco Aurelio Ibarra Rodríguez Jonathan Callan February 24, 2017
When a cannon shoots their ship out of the sky, the gang agrees to help an American inventor fight the fire-breathing monster attacking his town.
3 “The Mart” Marvick Eduardo Núñez Aguilera Eric Carrasco February 24, 2017
Leo and friends head to Germany in search of the fabled Brotherhood. Instead, they find a Nicht Mart who delivers bad dreams.
4 “Ghost of Medusa” Rajesh R. Bhavnani & Enrique Ocampo Muñoz Eric Carrasco February 24, 2017
Leo’s compass direct the airship to a desolate Italian town where the locals can see ghosts – including one who turns spirits into stone.
5 “Vodnik” Marco Aurelio Ibarra Rodríguez Ernie Altbacker February 24, 2017
While investigating sightings of a strange monster that steals children’s souls, Leo and the gang unearth a far more sinister threat.
6 “Fenrir” Rajesh R. Bhavnani & Enrique Ocampo Muñoz Mark Hoffmeier February 24, 2017
The team braves a blizzard to find a portal to Queztocoatl’s world. But striking a deal with a mythical wolf is the only way through it.
7 “Tooth Fairy” Marvick Eduardo Núñez Aguilera Jonathan Callan February 24, 2017
Stranded without a ship and still missing Alebrije, the gang tumbles into foggy London and uncover a plot that’s robbing orphans of their teeth.
8 “Kaiju” José Manuel Balanzario Pérez Jeremy Adams February 24, 2017
Desperate to locate the Brotherhood, Leo steers the ship to a Japanese village.
9 “Nu Gui” Marco Aurelio Ibarra Rodríguez Jennifer Muro February 24, 2017
In a bid to strengthen their coven, Baba Yaga and the immortal Nu Gui summon Marcella to a cave in China that’s crawling with terra-cotta soldiers.
10 “Mister Madera” Rajesh R. Bhavnani Tim Sheridan February 24, 2017
Soon after Leo brings a creepy-looking doll to the ship, members of the team start going missing … and Leo starts talking to sugar skulls.
11 “The Chilan” José Manuel Balanzario Pérez Patrick Rieger February 24, 2017
Marcella helps Alebrije remember where he lost the Esfera. Turns out, it’s back in Mexico , where an undead priest is holding it hostage.
12 “Golem” Marvick Eduardo Núñez Aguilera Jonathan Callan & Eric Carrasco February 24, 2017
When Baba Yaga sends a Golem after one of their own, the gang slips through a portal to the future to save their friend – and the world.
Note: This episode is the first of a two-part story.
13 “The Serpent and the Egg” Marco Aurelio Ibarra Rodríguez & José Alejandro García Muñoz Jim Krieg & Ernie Altbacker February 24, 2017
With the future of the world at stake, Leo and the Brotherhood wage an epic war against Queztocoatl and his Legions of Evil.
Note: This episode is the second of a two-part story, and ends with a memorial to Martha Guadalupe Cuenca Moreno, the wife of show editor R. Edgardo Avalos Cuenca.


The first series Was annoncé When Variety Reported That a new series based on the Leyendas deductible is being white Developed for Netflix . [2] “We approached Netflix and knew that the trilogy had been successful in Mexico and Latin America,” said Jose C. Garcia de Letona. [3] [4] Negotiations between Netflix and Ánima Estudios have begun in October 2015. [3] [4] Co-executive producer Fernando de Fuentes was happy with the partnership with the streaming network after the growth of the Mexican animation industry. [3] [4] ”


The series premiered on Netflix on February 24, 2017, worldwide in 190 countries and translated into 24 to 30 languages. [5] [1] Producers Fernando de Fuentes and Jose C. Garcia de Letona The decision to release the show in Mexico has been made. . [3] [4] “The world is talking about Mexico and we are lucky enough to talk about our country and its relationship with other nations,” said Fernando de Fuentes. [3] [4]


The show received a favorable review. Emily Ashby of Common Sense is a 4-star comedy about the popularity of Mexican Folklore. [6]

Hispanic Impact

The show has-been Praised for ict Reviews towards the positive impact Hispanic culture, qui Makes Numerous nods to the history of Mexico and folklore, as well as the series’ worthy educational gains Which Reminds the younger Hispanic viewers the importance of Their Mexican roots. [7]

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