Dear White People (TV series)

Dear White People is an American satirical comedy-drama television series on Netflix , based on the 2014 film of the same name . [1] Justin Simien . [2] The social injustice of social class is a predominantly white school. Each episode, besides the final, focuses on a particular character. Netflix ordered ten 30-minute episodes and the first season was released on April 28, 2017. [3] [4]

Cast and characters

Main characters

  • Logan Browning as Samantha White [4]
  • Brandon P. Bell as Troy Fairbanks. [4] Bell reprises his role from the film.
  • DeRon Horton as Lionel Higgins [5]
  • Antoinette Robertson as Colandrea “Coco” Conners [5]
  • John Patrick Amedori as Gabe Mitchell [5]
  • Make Richardson as Reggie Green. [5] Richardson reprises his role from the film.
  • Ashley Blaine Featherson as Joelle Brooks. [5] Featherson reprises her role from the film.

Recurring characters

  • Obba Babatunde as Dean Fairbanks. [5]
  • Ally Maki as Ikumi
  • Caitlin Carver as Muffy Tuttle
  • Wyatt Nash as Kurt Fletcher [6]
  • Brant Daugherty as Thane Lockwood [7]
  • Nia Long as Neika Hobbs [8]
  • Nia Jervier as Kelsey Phillips [6]
  • Jeremy Tardy as Rashid Bakr [9]
  • Jemar Michael as Al [10]
  • Francia Raisa as Vanessa
  • Alex Alcheh as Milo
  • DJ Blickenstaff as Silvio


No. in
title Directed by Written by Featured character (s) Original release date
1 1 “Chapter I” Justin Simien Justin Simien Samantha April 28, 2017
At the Ivy League College Winchester University, a satirical magazine run by white men, Pastiche , throws a blackface party to protest black student Sam White’s controversial campus radio show Dear White People , where she points out the many racist occurrences on campus. The college is confused as to how the dean prohibited the party, and the black student unions . Here, Sam is humiliated when her white boyfriend, Gabe, reveals on Instagram that they are hooking up.
2 2 “Chapter II” Justin Simien Justin Simien Lionel April 28, 2017
Lionel is working for school newspaper The Winchester Independent , breaking the story on the Pastiche blackface party. Silvio invites him to a party. He goes from nerdy loner to popular among the black students, and his editor. Secretly, Lionel has a crush on his roommate Troy, who is a student and dean’s son. Silvio invites Lionel to a theater kid party, but is abandoned when Silvio stays late in the Independent office. He hooks up with a couple, realizing he is not into women. Silvio texts him and tells him that after hacking into the dean’s computer, someone besides Pastiche feels out the guests. Lionel discovers it was Sam, but does not want to discredit her. He tells Sam about their scoop,
3 3 “Chapter III” Tina Mabry Chuck Hayward Troy April 28, 2017
After calling the campus police on the blackface party, Troy becomes likely to be next student president . His charm and enthusiasm make him popular among everyone, including the campus football team, the Griffins, led by Thane Lockwood. However, hoping to escape his over-demanding father’s shadow, Troy votes for someone else. At a boathouse party, Troy runs into head of Pastiche , Kurt, who asks for help restoring his reputation. Troy refuses after this racist stunt, as he has been bailing Kurt out since they were kids. It is revealed Troy has been hooking up with African-American studies Professor Neika. Troy is elected student president. However, Thane Lockwood is found dead, and Kurt reveals he recorded Troy and Neika.
4 4 “Chapter IV” Tina Mabry Njeri Brown Coco April 28, 2017
Coco, Troy’s girlfriend, is humiliated when Sam autotunes a rant of her she recorded. In flashbacks, it was revealed that the two were best friends as freshmen. Coco and Sam rant about white people and the subtle racism of Coco’s white friends. Enraged by the racism and police brutality on campus and around the country, they attempt to join a black sorority, but Sam remains envious of the Black Students Union. A fight breaks out between them, with Coco revealing she tones down her blackness due to her dark skin. Coco quits her sorority and moves out of Sam’s room. Coco becomes an outcast, but in the present it becomes popular among the white kids and begins dating Troy. Sam offers her a peace offering for what she did, apologizing to Coco.
5 5 “Chapter V” Barry Jenkins Chuck Hayward & Jack Moore Reggie April 28, 2017
Reggie is one of the most intelligent students and is crushing on Sam, jealous of her new boyfriend Gabe. He and his friends spend the day hopping to different parts in the absence of Sam, who is spending the day with Gabe. The group eventually catches up with her and Gabe at a party, where Reggie’s white friend utters the word ” nigga ” whilst singing along to a song. Reggie asks him not to use that word, and an argument breaks out. Eventually, the whole party is debating the use of the n-word, with campus police coming and seeing Reggie’s friend push him. They then hold Reggie at gunpoint, asking for his ID to prove he’s a student there. After this incident, the party leaves in silence, Reggie crying on his dorm room floor.
6 6 “Chapter VI” Steven Tsuchida Leann Bowen Samantha April 28, 2017
Outrage over the police incident leads to the Black Student Union to attempt a blockade at the pep rally. Sam attempts to find Reggie, who has been missing all day. She eventually finds him and accompanies him to a coffee-house on campus where people are performing. He reveals what happens when he gets a job. The audience and Sam are moving, and she asks him to come perform at the rally. Reggie informs her that he has liked her freshman year, and he is jealous of Gabe. Sam and Reggie attempts to kiss when she accompanies him to his room instead of the rally, when Gabe calls her. She hangs up the call.
7 7 “Chapter VII” Nisha Ganatra Jack Moore Gabe April 28, 2017
When she misses the rally, Gabe gets worried she cheated on him with Reggie. Troy organizes a city hall, which the BSU plans to protest (which Troy approves of, Sam and Gabe informing it will make him look better in contrast). While canvassing for the protest, Joelle confides in Gabe that she likes Reggie. They share their worry Sam and Reggie are hooking up, while Gabe reveals he called the police on the party, not expecting them to hold on to Reggie at gunpoint, nor that they would carry guns. Joelle warns him to never tell Sam. That night, Sam and Gabe reveal they are in love with each other. However, the next morning Lionel writes an article proving the overreacted font, which contains the audio from Gabe’s 911 call. Sam leaves, ignoring his calls. Gabe goes to the BSU meeting, apologizing for what he did, And asks if he and Sam may talk alone. Reggie puts his arm around her shoulder.
8 8 “Chapter VIII” Charlie McDowell Nastaran Dibai Lionel April 28, 2017
Lionel feels bad that Gabe has taken the fall, and is told by Silvio to cover the Griffins’ parade. Lionel wishes to write a story on Troy instead, and spends the day with him. They go to a bar, where he finds out Troy has been hooking up with Neika, and that his father has demanded perfection of Troy to shield him from racism. Lionel is ready to kiss Troy in the bathroom, but instead he wants to give him a urine sample so he does not get busted for drugs in his system. They then proceed to break into Silvio’s office, Silvio finds them. He tells Lionel that he should not get his hopes up for Troy. That night, Lionel discovers that Kurt has published hate against Sam and the BSU in Pastiche , which he could not cover from spending time with Troy.
9 9 “Chapter IX” Nisha Ganatra Chuck Hayward & Jack Moore Coco April 28, 2017
Coco is mad at Lionel for his article, only to find Troy is thankful for it as it led to his father inviting him to a fundraising party. He invites Coco, who decides to take her wig and reveal her natural hair. At the party, Neika ends things with Troy. The university’s wealthiest donors, the Hancocks, voice their concerns with the racism on campus, say that the historically black house should have more racial mixing. They threaten to shut down the house if they do not get their way. They offer a $ 10,000,000 donation to do so, and Coco reveals to Troy she knows about him and Neika. She voices to Lionel that Troy is not worth his efforts before going to Sam. She appeals to her old friend to stop her protest. Sam refuses, and Troy breaks up with Coco. She leaves,
10 10 “Chapter X” Justin Simien Justin Simien none April 28, 2017
The day of the protest, Sam and Gabe talk about her hooking up with Reggie. Sam says she only slept with Reggie to make sure she wanted Gabe. Lionel interviews Sam about the protest, and he later researches the Hancocks. He discovers that they have been funding grassroots politics and in government, and asks Silvio if he can publish it. Silvio refuses, as The Independent is funded by the Hancocks. At the town hall, Coco takes over from Troy, locking him out of the building so she can prove herself to the dean. Gabe is motivated by his friends to go to Sam. Sam arrives to protest with the BSU, only to find Kurt and other student groups protesting different causes. Sam and Gabe go aside to discuss things, and Gabe breaks up with her. Inside, Coco gives the last question of the town hall to Lionel, APPLYING TO THE HANCOCKS AND HIS HARBORS. The whole campus gets the notification, leading to outrage. In the midst of the panic, Silvio kisses Lionel. When Troy discovers he is locked out, he breaks the glass on the door. Every protestor stops in silence, while the dean rushes to see what happened. Troy is a campus security guard, one of which has a gun on it in front of the entire campus. The dean rushes, stopping the guard just on time. Troy is arrested, the dean crying, Sam comforting him (since she has been pointed out to the dean about Troy getting arrested hypothetically). At AP House, Lionel has invited Silvio to watch Defamation (a parody of Scandal ) with everyone. Reggie informs Joelle is a member of the community. Sam is surprised to find Coco with everyone. The two apologize to each other, wondering if their house will be taken away from them. In a mid-credits scene, Kelsey comes to the group saying that her dog got kidnapped and the person who did it left a racially motivated note. However, no one in the group cares to help her, as she runs away to find her dog.


Critical response

The first two episodes of the series were previewed at SXSW , where The Hollywood Reporter spoke positively of the series, stating, “Retaining all of its razor-sharp wit and then some, Dear White People , Justin Simien’s acclaimed 2014 big-screen satire of Racial relations and identity set at a fictional Ivy League college, has transferred impressively to TV. ” [11] Peter Debruge, writing for Variety , praised the show’s writing, directing, social commentary and cast. [12] According to the New York Times, [13] the issue of assimilation and conflict.

On Rotten Tomatoes , the series has an approval rating of 100% based on reviews of reviews, with an average rating of 8.59 / 10. The site’s critical consensus reads, “Timely, provocative, and sharply written, Dear White People is an entertaining blend of social commentary and incisive humor.” [14] On Metacritic , the series has a score of 85 out of 100, based on 21 reviews, indicating “universal acclaim”. [15]


The initial trailer for the TV show attracted some angry responses, with the series being accused by some Twitter users of being racist to white people and had them calling for a boycott of Netflix. [16] [17] [18] The YouTube trailer for the series received far more ‘dislikes’ than ‘likes’, [19] [20] with RT observing a 10: 1 ratio of dislikes-to-likes as of 11 February 2017. [21] Series creator Justin Simien responded positively to the boycott, saying it reiterated the point of the series, and brought more attention to it as well. [22]


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