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Birdtown is an American science fiction drama series. The series is created and currently in development by Shaun Michael Chapman and follows the unlikely antagonist: Adelbert Fowl.


The series follows Adelbert Fowl, an overly intelligent high school student who’s life is turned upside down when his parents, Doctor Wilbur and Eva Fowl, are killed in a freak car accident. Sent to live with his aunt in Birdtown , USA, Adelbert will uncover the truth behind his parents work and the real reason they passed away.


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  • TBA as Adelbert “Dell” Fowl, an overly intelligent college student
  • TBA as Austin “Aussie” Hoffman, the much flawed younger cousin of Adelbert
  • TBA as Doctor Wilbur Fowl, a successful genetic researcher, co-CEO of Albatross Laboratories
  • TBA as Doctor Eva Fowl (née Roberts), wife of Wilbur Fowl and a genetic researcher, co-CEO of Albatross Labaratories
  • TBA as Reagan Hoffman, a lawyer and new guardian of Adelbert, lawyer
  • TBA as Doctor Bert Lange, genetic researcher, past partner of Eva and Wilbur Fowl


  • TBA as “Three” Fowl, old brother of Adelbert, suffers from Heterochromia
  • TBA as Albatross “Albi” Fowl, eldest brother of Adelbert, born with Down Syndrome

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