Skylanders Academy

Skylanders Academy is an American animated web television series produced by TeamTO and Activision Blizzard Studios based on the Skylanders series. [1] The first season debuted on Netflix on October 28, 2016, with a second season slated to debut in late 2017. [2] A trailer for the series debuted on October 12, 2016. [3]


In the world of Skylands, Spyro the Dragon, Stealth Elf, and Eruptor are new graduates at Skylanders Academy. Under the teachings of Master Eon and Jet-Vac, the three of them will learn what it means to be a Skylander while fighting the evil Kaos and other villains of Skylands.

Main Cast

The voice cast consists of: [4]

  • Justin Long as Spyro the Dragon
  • Ashley Tisdale as Stealth Elf
  • Jonathan Banks as Eruptor
  • Chris Diamantopoulos as Master Eon
  • Jonny Rees as Jet-Vac
  • Bobcat Goldthwait as Pop Fizz
  • Richard Steven Horvitz as Kaos
  • Norm Macdonald as Glumshanks

Recurring Roles

  • Harland Williams as Hugo
  • John DiMaggio as Chef Pepper Jack
  • James Hetfield as Wolfgang
  • Fred Tatasciore as Snap Shot
  • Billy West as Food Fight, Kaboom
  • John Mathot as Kindly Mabu Prisoner
  • Catherine O’Hara as Kaossandra / Kaos’s Mom
  • Parker Posey as the Dreamcatcher
  • Susan Sarandon as Golden Queen
  • Jill Talley as Roller Brawl
  • Courtenay Taylor as Hex
  • Josh Robert Thompson as Skull
  • Daniel Wu as King Pen
  • Cedric Yarbrough as Broccoli Guy
  • Chris Diamantopoulos as Chompy Mage

Guest Stars

  • Eric Rogers as Crash Bandicoot
  • Dan Middleton as Cy (Water Imaginator)
  • John DiMaggio as Bad Breath
  • Billy West as Bully


Season 1 (2016)

No. Title [5] Directed by Written by Release date [5]
1-2 “Skylanders Unite!” Arthur Qwak Eric Rogers October 28, 2016
The cadets come together for graduation day, goal.
3 “My Way or the Sky Way” Arthur Qwak Eric Rogers October 28, 2016
Jet-Vac tries to teach the “skylander way” to Spyro, but soon learns that the “sky way” is not always the right way.
4 “Missing Links” Arthur Qwak
Co-Director: Solène Azernour
Josh Haber October 28, 2016
When the Skylanders struggle to work as a team, Sensei King shows them how to build a new teammate to help them overcome their challenges.
5 “Dream Girls” Arthur Qwak
Co-Director: Solène Azernour
Josh Haber, Joanna Lewis, and Kristine Songco October 28, 2016
Stealth Elf is one of the most successful and most successful women in the world.
6 “The Hole Truth” Arthur Qwak
Co-Director: Solène Azernour
Dean Stefan October 28, 2016
The young Skylanders are assigned to spend a day as guards at Cloudcracker Prison, and the inmates try to trick the heroes into letting them escape.
7 “Space Invaders” Arthur Qwak
Co-Director: Solène Azernour
Duane Capizzi October 28, 2016
Stealth Elf finds trouble when she gets stuck inside Kaos’s mind, and she has to convince the others that she’s trapped so they can help her escape.
8 “Anger Mismanagement” Arthur Qwak
Co-Director: Solène Azernour
Eric Rogers and Josh Haber October 28, 2016
Eruptor goes to anger management when his temper at a mission, but he needs to tap back into his rage to get the Skylanders out of trouble.
9 “Pop Rocks” Arthur Qwak
Co-Director: Solène Azernour
Jesse Porter October 28, 2016
The young Skylanders learn that Pop Fizz used to be in a rock band with Wolfgang, who plans to turn fans at a music festival into an army of drones.
10 “Beard Science” Arthur Qwak
Co-Director: Solène Azernour
Josh Haber October 28, 2016
Kaos thinks that the key to getting the Golden Queen is to find some hair, so he steals Master Eon’s treasured beard. Meanwhile, without his beard, Eon becomes almost invisible to the Skylanders.
11 “The Skylands Are Falling! (Part 1 of 3)” Arthur Qwak
Co-Director: Solène Azernour
Eric Rogers and Brittany Jo Flores October 28, 2016
An invention called the “evil scope” allows the Skylanders to stop evil before it happens, but all the evil energy collects in a Spyro ball and traps. Crash Bandicoot to their world. Spyro is able to destroy the ball by escaping, managing to bring back balance, but its destruction .
12 “Crash Landing (part 2 of 3)” Arthur Qwak
Co-Director: Solène Azernour
Eric Rogers and Brittany Jo Flores October 28, 2016
After Crash Bandicoot is somehow transported into their world, the Skylanders have to help him get home by finding a dark relic. While searching for the Relic, Spyro begins to idolize and even attempts to imitate Crash. The Skylanders were able to find the Relic in the form of Kaossandra’s evil book, which Kaos stole in order to gain its power, but needed an evil villain to open it; The one he thing being Chompy Mage. The Skylanders are able to get the book and return back to the academy where it is, but using it corrupts Eon with darkness.
13 “Assault on Skylander Academy (part 3 of 3)” Arthur Qwak
Co-Director: Solène Azernour
Eric Rogers October 28, 2016
When it comes to lightning, the Skylanders must race to find the Core of Light to use his power to heal him. Meanwhile, the Doom Raiders attack the academy, but are pushed back by the cadets. Kaossandra arrives and strikes a deal with the Golden Queen-she takes back her book and the doomraiders keep the academy. They succeed in finding the book and Eon, but the Golden Queen goes back on her word and keeps it. Kaosandra to kick him out. Kaosandra to kick him out. She has a powerful spell to knock out the Doomraiders and leave with Glumshanks, but is forced to leave the book behind. The Doomraiders, with Kaos, retreat as the Skylanders return with the Core of Light’s energy to cure Eon. Fully healed, Eon says he ‘

Season 2 (Fall 2017)


At an Investor Day presentation on November 6, 2015, Activision Blizzard annoncé formation of the Activision Blizzard Studios , a movie producing subsidiary dedicated to original Creating movies and television series. Headed by form The Walt Disney Company executive Nick van Dyk, Activision Blizzard Studios would look to produce and adapt Skylanders into a film and television series; The last being called Skylanders Academy , which started airing on October 28, 2016 on Netflix . [6]

The series is a spin-off, said to be separate from the storyline of the games with no direct tie-ins to sequels. In addition, the different voice cast is made to give the show its own separate identity. However, Richard Horvitz is the only actor from the games to reprise his role as Kaos. [7]


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