San Junipero

” San Junipero ” is the fourth episode of the third series of British science fiction anthology series Black Mirror . Written by series creator and showrunner Charlie Brooker and directed by Owen Harris , it premiered on Netflix on 21 October 2016, together with the rest of series three. [1]

The episode, named San Junipero, tells the story of Yorkie ( Mackenzie Davis ), Kelly ( Gugu Mbatha-Raw ) , a young woman visiting the town and falling in love with a regular visitor .

It received critical acclaim, with many calling it the best episode of series three and for being more cheerful and positive than other Black Mirror episodes. The episode won the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Individual Episode . [2]


In 1987, a shy and sheltered woman named Yorkie ( Mackenzie Davis ) visits San Junipero, a beach resort town. Kelly ( Gugu Mbatha-Raw ), a lively party girl, strikes up a conversation with Yorkie at a night club in order to ditch Wes ( Gavin Stenhouse ), a man she is attempting to avoid. Kelly invites Yorkie to dance but Yorkie, self-conscious and embarrassed, flees from the bar. Kelly follows, and flirts with Yorkie before offering sex with her. Yorkie declines, saying she is engaged to a man named Greg. The following week, Yorkie returns to the bar and observes Kelly flirting with a different man. Yorkie and Kelly reunite in the bathroom, before returning to Kelly’s home to have sex. She has sex with anyone.

The next week, Yorkie returns looking for Kelly. Spotting Wes, Yorkie asks him where Kelly is, but he’s only got a chance to see her in ’80s, the’ 90s, 2002 one time. “Yorkie spends the next few weeks visiting San Kelly in the 2000s, but Kelly rebuffs her advances, after her time, searching for Kelly. San Diego, San Diego, California, San Diego, California, San Diego, San Diego, California,

It is revealed that San Junipero is a simulated reality in which the minds of the dead or dying can be uploaded to alternative versions of their younger selves forever; And what the living room can do for five hours per week. In the “real” world, an elderly Kelly ( Denise Burse ) visits Yorkie. Yorkie, surviving via life support, had been paralyzed 40 years ago after running her car off the road, despondent after being rejected by her parents when she came out to them as gay. Greg (Raymond McAnally) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. She plays with her husband, He would override their legal authority. Kelly impulsively offers to marry Yorkie instead. Yorkie enthusiastically accepts, and Kelly subsequently authorizes Yorkie’s euthanasia.

Yorkie, content in San Junipero Kelly, Kelly to join her full-time. Kelly confesses that she has been uploaded to San Junipero out of loyalty to her husband of 49 years who has not been uploaded, having been devastated by the death of their adult daughter, before the invention of the San Junipero system. Yorkie and Kelly argue. Kelly drives away and deliberately crashes her jeep. Yorkie arrives, goal Kelly’s weekly time is up at the very same moment, and her virtual younger body disappears.

Time passes, and Kelly’s real-life condition worsens. She elects to be euthanized, and her body is buried alongside her husband and daughter. However, she also opts to have her uploaded to San Junipero, where she happily reunites with Yorkie’s. The consciousnesses of Yorkie and Kelly are in a massive server room, where robots maintain those who live in San Junipero.


Inspired by nostalgia therapy for older people, Brooker wrote “San Junipero” as a period episode. [3] In the initial draft, the love story was between a heterosexual couple, but Brooker changed it because he thought it gave the episode an extra resonance, as homosexual marriage was not legal in 1987. Brooker revealed that the song, ” Heaven Is a Place on Earth “by Belinda Carlisle (qui plays at The Beginning and again over the end credits of the episode), was included after-He had started writing the script, When He heard it was in 1987 playlist is Spotify . [3] He admitted he would have been “absolutely distraught” if unable to use it. [3]

Critical reception

The episode received much critical acclaim. Benjamin Lee, of The Guardian , noted that the episode went to “surprising and ultimately poignant places”. [4] Tim Goodman, for The Hollywood Reporter , praised the “emotional hook that will leave only the hardest heart not shedding tears”. [5] Adam Chitwood, reviewing the episode for Collider , described it as the “best episode of the season” [6] as did Matt Fowler of IGN . [7]


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